Damn you NetFlix!

Thursday, June 3rd, 2004 | LiveJournal Archives

Tw weeks ago, we tried Netflix. And we loved it.

Unfortunately, they don’t want to take our money, and since they’re not taking our money, they don’t want to give us any more movies. So we have one movie checked out to us, with two more open slots. With a queue of over 50 waiting to come to us, we’re stuck not getting anything. We tried to pay with our check card, we tried to pay direct with our checking account info, and now we’ve even activated a credit card to try and pay (all our credit cards were deactivated to keep us from spending), but they haven’t seemed to accept that payment yet either. It’s become a huge pain in the ass for a service that we have grown to love in only two weeks. I hope we don’t have to shop around for some other, similar service just because they screwed up.

Heather’s contacted both Netflix and the company that handles their direct checking transfer, and neither one has been overly helpful. They really don’t seem to want to take our money. How many companies can say they already have enough business and don’t need any more customers. None that I know of. Hopefully this will get worked out as we’ve just got the one movie left to watch, then we’re out of movies entirely.

Of course, ReplayTV hasn’t taken our money either.

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