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Well, that’s better. a little bit of tweaking and a restart and I have the movie running. VideoLan may not be the best DVD player, but its not bad. It plays the movie and is a minimal install. Oh, and it’s free and can play almost anything in the world. I bet it can even play out of region DVDs. Now if I could just figure out how to get it to play on my TV at home, I’d be set. I could watch all my downloaded episodes of 24 on something other than the computer.

So, yeah, hmm, the movie’s a bit dark, but then again, I’m not really watching it, it’s mostly just on for entertainment while I sit here mindlessly. Ah hah… now I’ve found teh Overlay video controls and reset that as well. Okay. We’re all set to sit here and do nothing for two and a half hours.

Yeah, Scarlett Johansson has a nice butt.

I sent this quiz to Heather over ICQ, but her student assistant was sitting at the desk. Her assistant took the quiz instead and informed me that she definitely needed a boob job. Now, for one, I didn’t really intend to discover if Carrie (Heather’s assistant) needed a boob job, I had no desire to even find that out. Also, I have to say, Carrie’s really cute, and doesn’t need a boob job at all. It’d be too wierd to tell her that though.

Heather informed me that she’s not inhibited like that at all, but that still doesn’t make it any less awkward for me, since I already thought she was cute…

Anyway, on to another subject. I saw The Day After Tomorrow last night. It was pretty good and had some really cool concepts and effects. Jake Gyllenhaal was good in it too, even though his character was much smaller than I expected. Contrary to the ads, the movie seemed to be a lot more about Dennis Quaid, who left a pretty bad impression on me the one time I worked anywhere near him.

Speaking of working, I almost had the opportunity to make nearly $1,000 working for Hot Rod TV, but it kind of fell through. They needed a PA to help them drive the Hot Rod Power Tour from Dallas to Green Bay. It would have been about 4-6 hours of driving a day and about 2 hours of real work a night as over 3000 cars toured across the country. Unfortunately, not an hour after they called to see if I was interested, their regular PA apparently signed on and they didn’t need me anymore. that would have been really fun, a real adventure. Oh well, I’ll get by without it, I just won’t get my new camera like I had hoped.

phht. I’m running out of steam.

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