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we became one of the powerless for a couple of hours last night… we seemed to be plagued with bad luck. I was trying to cook burgers and Country Ribs and the fire just would not co-operate with me. It kept getting colder and colder. When we finally got the burgers off, they were quite dry from cooking for so long just to get done. The ribs though, having been cooked over a second load of charcoal and wood, looked much better. I haven’t had any yet, but I’m looking forward to them. Then, when we finally had dinner in front of us (dry burgers and slightly chewy tater tots – as they were cooked twice), we started to watch our movie, The Sting. For the first half our or so, we seemed to be stopping every 5-10 minutes for one thing or another (checking the ribs, checking the cookies, checking the weather since we heard the Tornado sirens, checking the animals, etc.) and then, when we finally got rid of all our distractions and got settled in to watch for real, the power went off. Sheesh. Apparently we weren’t meant to watch that damn movie, at least not all in once sitting.

So we went around and unplugged all the TVs and expensive electronics to make sure they wouldn’t get shorted out (yeah, too little too late) we started trying to investigate what the source of the power outage was. We could see that all the streetlights were still on and that all the people across the street still had power. We couldnt’ really see the windows on either of our neighbors’ houses, but we could guess that at least one of them had power as well. When her AC unit outside the bedroom window came on, it was kind of a dead giveaway. So we finally gave up on the night and went to bed. About two hours later, the power came on and while we had turned off or unplugged most everything in the house, a couple of lights did come back on, so I went around and turned them off.

It really wasn’t too big a deal, even though I did forget that we were now on city water.

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