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I like variety

I created a bunch of new links on my actualy journal page. I know no one is going to use them, but they’re all different ways of viewing my journals. There’s the over-hyped “MoBlog as an LJ Feed,” the new and improved “Blog and MoBLog Feed Together,” and finally, the newly created “LJ Blog in “Portable” format” for all you portable web browser people (PDA’s, Cell phones, really old crappy computers…).

Anyway, that’s a sign of my boredom.

I’ve also updated two more Agents on my Spycraft page.

Whatever… I’m going to pick my nose now, that should entertain me for a few minutes.

4 replies on “I like variety”

hmmm, that sucks… looks like that link is just for me then.

You can always make your own friend filter, but then, what’s the point.

I wonder if there’s a way to do it so it’s public…. surely there’s a way.

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