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I was trying to take pictures of Brandon at the shop, but he’s a wily fellow. I caught him a couple times when he least expected it.

Not sure what Tem’s reaching for in this one… we found him this way when we came home.
I tell Julian that half the reason we even had the BBQ, was so he could come up and hang out. He seemed to take it pretty well.
I just like this picture…
Though Julian did score me an Editor’s Pick on TextAmerica
There were people out in front of the Business Building with weapons. I thought at first I’d missed the assault and should have built the Trebuchet already, but then realized it was just Stage Fighting lessons.
Even when she makes goofy, sad, or just un-exciting faces, I still think she’s gorgeous. Here we were in line for coffee at the Union.
Our Pear Tree flowered and dropped them all in pretty much two days. Yup, that’s Texas Spring for ya’. This is the last flower on the tree.
Heather loves pictures of Kitties.
My MoBlog Tag game made the TextAmerica Times. Unfortunately no one has attempted to play but me. Maybe this game it too hard. I’m gonna keep looking. If you are in the North Texas / Denton area and have a MoBlog on TextAmerica, please let me know so I can snoop you.


I love my puppy.

Like Two peas in a pod these two…
One perk to working for the government is spending government money. Aw Yeah! + $$$ =
Its time for breakfast at 7/11, WOO!
Apparently killing the wasps on the corner of the house is going to be a weekly event.
We went to Hastings three times to rent "The Rundown." Thank god it was there the third time or I might have killed someone.
I think Cat silhouettes are somehow calming and soothing.

Saturday, the first weekend after we returned to work, I decided I’d do absolutely nothing, it was the one thing I didn’t do all during spring break. While I was happy with my break, I felt I needed a day like this. I think I watched TV all day long.

Oh yeah, until we sent to the new Kroger and spent three hours grocery shopping that is.

Sunday we went Geocahcing

we = Me, HeatherEJCHeather, Corwin75Steve and cynderJenn

Then we went back to Steve’s for Pork Chops and Hot Tubbing. (sorry, no half naked pics of me, you filthy bastards!)

Oh yeah, and with all our driving around that day, my car actually ran out of gas. Fortunately it decided to sputter all the way to our driveway.

That’s all folks.

I have to admit, this feels kind of redundant now that I have the moblog, so there’s a chance I won’t do these anymore, so if you’re really interested in a photographic essay of my life, you really should check out my MoBlog or at least add the LiveJournal Feed to your Friends page.

Oh, and don’t forget about MoBlog Tag. I’m lonely and bored, I need something to do all day. Take pictures around campus and post them on a TextAmerica MoBlog so I can see them… heck, post them anywhere, so long as I can find them and I’ll still play tag with you.

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