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My day has been ruined.

Morgan Webb tells America that she not posing for Playboy

Well, it’s official — for now — Morgan Webb has announced to the public, while appearing on TechTV’s Unscrewed (hosted by Martin Sargent), that she will not be posing nude for Playboy, not even at the suggestion of Martin Sargent.
Way to go, Morgan!

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Meh. Morgan Webb is kinda gross. I don’t know what it is, I think it’s her speech impediment and mild greasiness that seems icky. And it’s not because I don’t find women attractive, either.

Anyway, I was like 5 feet away from her and what’s-his-name at E3 last year, and I got all excited, but then nobody I was with knew who they were. So I didn’t bother. heh.

That’s my story.

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