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Well, it’s been a long time since I had a big entry, and even longer since I had a photo journal entry, so beware, this one’s pretty heavy. We did a lot this last week and now that I have a camera in my pocket almost constantly, it’s given me the opportunity to use it a lot more. Here you go folks, these are the photos from the last week and a half!

Heather and I got to enjoy the hammock for the first time a couple days before Spring Break. Unfortunately we’re not very coordinated so this was the only way we could both lie in it.

This was the first entry in my new Photo MoBlog, It was really just Heather gassing up the Beetle, but it was still a cool pic. I think everyone with a MoBlog has this one though.
Construction continued throughout the week before break, and for the first few days of it…
Dee got a balloon Penguin. She named it Toby and made Nick hold it for the camera. I don’t know what’s happened to Toby since, but I’m sure he was well loved.
Heather and I met Julian at the bank. He said he was looking forward to break but wasn’t going to get much time to just hang out, so I decided to throw a BBQ just for him. Guess who didn’t show up (if you haven’t already read the non-photo entires from before).
This is Heather’s favorite way to spend time off, on the couch, under a blanket, covered in kitties.
Heather was in a bad mood one day so I had to take this picture. It’s my clip on sunglasses on a magazine that was in the kitchen. I think it’s just too perfect…
At Good Eats we determined that Heather doesn’t look that good when I squeeze her cheeks. though she looked worse when she wasn’t smiling because I was taking a picture of it while trying to squeeze her cheeks.
And I keep telling her that when she pushes her glasses into her eye sockets and scrunches her eyebrows over the frames, it just isn’t sexy.
Cutting Coupons!
We went to Panera and I got a Jones Soda Green Apple Soda. It was Yummy, but kind of small for almost $2.
Steve and I went Geocaching, but we only found one of the two caches we went out looking for. There’s still a little box with our name on it in these woods. Damn you woods, damn you straight to hell.
This is me on the phone for like the 4th hour with Netgear Tech support for my wireless router and card. After 5 hours, they said to just get them both replaced. Everything’s working A-Okay now!
I had to wait an hour to get my haircut. I played some CliéRogue and Bejeweled. And then just took pictures. That’s Danny cutting hair way in the back (in the white shirt). It was a busy night, I didn’t think I’d get to buy pants.
Saint Patricks’ Day brought no green beer, no "Kiss Me I’m Irish" buttons, but it did bring Craig…
…Jen, Steve…
…and Sim over to hang out, watch TV, and drink casually (the heavy drinkin’ wasn’t until Sunday).
Heather likes to cocoon herself in the Hammock. She says it makes her feel "safe."

We’ve finally figgured out how to lay in the hammock the same direction. Boy, did I need a shave… Still do, but just not as badly.

After days of puttering around the house, shopping, going out and visiting people and places, and whatnot, I finally get to do what I had intended to do the whole time. Just sit back, stretch out, and relax in the warm sunshine. It took way too long to get to this point.
My dog!

I went out to cut the grass before the BBQ and there was this mass of wasps on the corner of the house. There had to be like 15 of them. I wanted a galon of wasp spray but we actually had none at all. I just cut the grass very, uh, non-agressively when I was close to the house.

They’re all dead now, muhahaha!

Spring Break BBQ!
It was a little chilly, but it didn’t rain. We hung out outside while waiting for the grill to heat up and the food to cook.

<= Ia with people feet

Who’s hand is that? =>

Heather was a little tipsy, so we didn’t play in the first game of Cranium.
Nick and Dee did show up, though much too late for food. We played three games of Cranium, I checked out Heather’s ass. It was fun all around.
I posted a japanese print of Koi in my last Photo Journal and someone commented that if htere was a signature or anything, the print may be identifiable. Well, this is all the writing on the print. Who knows, it may be an original.


…And now for the movies! (in quicktime format)

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