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Great Barbeque!

Well, everyone is gone. Julian never showed up but we guilted Nick into
coming out after all. It was nice to see him after a week. It was
especially nice to see Sean & Laura, I was very pleasantly surprised, much
like when I found out Amy decided to come. It ended up being a really good
party. I ate too much (damn you Jenn & Steve for bringing cake and
Bratwurst, and damn you Craig & Laura for bringing Panera), I drank too
much, but I had much fun! We played 3 games of Cranium (I think, I may have
lost count), I made an ass of myself, as usual (hiking up my shorts to do
my best Tina Turner impression). The food was great, as was the company, I’d
love to have another BBQ as successful as this one, hmm, for what occasion

Such a good time, a very successful get-together all around!

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It was a very good time. One of our most successful parties, I’d have to say. I have a LOT more pictures that I’m going to be posting here shortly in my massive Spring Break Photo Journal.

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