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So Thanksgiving was this past week. We ate turkey and called it dinner, I guess that counts.

We went to Heather’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving. I’m not overly fond of visiting her parents, but we do so anyway. It’s about a 5 hour drive up there, we make it in just under 5 hours. She lives in the panhandle where there’s nothing to break the horrizon for miles and the wind blows 90mph year round. bleh. Wednesday night was sandwiches which were pretty good, although they were on cheap ass, stick to the roof of your mouth like a dental mold bread. I got to meet Doug and Kay, who are Heather’s parent’s friends from Australia. They were really cool, though more talkative than I am. Means I get to sit and listen a lot while saying a lot of “wow,” “yeah,” mmhmm,” and “really.” They had some pretty cool stories though, most of all, don’t speed in Australia.

Thursday was Thanksgiving. Heather slept almost all day, which she is want to do on vacation. Unfortunately, since I get up pretty early (okay 9:00) even on weekends and vacations, that leaves me to do more “uh-huh-ing” with Heather’s family. The really big downer is, where I don’t really watch sports at all, Heather’s family switches from one sporting event to another constantly all day. If the TV is on, it’s on Sports. So I have to suffer, pretending to care about what they talk about, watching shit I don’t want to watch. I played some games with Brandon and started reading Vishvakarman‘s novel. Dinner was okay. The turkey, regardless of how good Bill cooks from time to time, was dry and kind of bland. Everything else was good. It’d be nice to have a real, home made pie once in a while, but store bought is fine. I just love PIE.

We managed to wrestle in a watching of The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, Extended Edition after “second dinner” which was nice. Though we had to ride the volume much like the first night when we watched Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life. Heather’s mom has this thing about the volume and it has to be below a certain level, which the action sequences are always above and dialgue is always below, so we have to ride the volume to hear what’s going on but not annoy her mother. Sheesh. Then again, they’re rattling the dominoes so loud that even then, we can’t really hear.

Friday was Heather’s Birthday and that brought about everyone leaving the house for Black Friday. Heather and I got to stay behind and watch The Hulk and Harry Potter: The Chamber of Secrets at any volume we wanted. Ah, blissful freedom. We had a pretty damn good ham that night for dinner. Bill redeemed himself from the Turkey the night before.

Saturday, after a lot of conversation, we finally pulled ourselves away and made our 5 hour journey in 4½ hours. Only 30 minutes longer than Brandon. 😉

When we got home, we really got our vacation, we went out to dinner, we curled up and watched a movie, we really enjoyed the end of our trip.

All in all, it was a good vacation, too short and not necesarily with the people I’d most wanted to spend it with, but still, better than some. I got to see a good number of movies for free and was able to read all of Vish’s novel, which, in my opinion, definitely didn’t suck.

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I got to see the Extended Two Towers Remix this weekend…makes me wish I’d seen Fellowship. Sushi was good too, although eel makes my stomach cry. Tell Happy Heather Birthday for me.

Are you saying you never saw the extended edition of Fellowship, or are you saying you’ve never seen Fellowship at all.

And if it’s the later, then WHAT THE BIG FUCK!?

I’ve never seen Fellowship at all. I was determined to be “Guy whos never seen Lord of the Rings” Guy, and also figured that they show all three movies in the theater on one day. Well, they are, but getting tickets is impossible, so i decided to give in and see Two Towers. Now I’m “Guy who saw the movies out of order” Guy. I’m almost positive that I’ll see Fellowship before I see Return of the King, although I make no promises. I did read the first 30 pages of Fellowship, so that’s close, right?

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