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So I never got around to writing yesterday, nor did I ever get around to even trying out the text post option this weekend. What can I say, I’m a lazy bastard.

First, while it’s fresh in my mind (and I know TheQuietGirl is interested to hear), are my comments on last night’s Average Joe. Aside from the previews and commercials pretty much setting my up for the whole thing, it was pretty good. I was actually biting my fingertips at one point. I can’t remember if I said this before, but I think it was just in a reply so I’ll write it here as an official opinion. I’m pretty sure the producers had a say in the cuts last week. There were three old guys and three new guys. I know she genuinely had interests in and feelings for all three of the old, average guys, but I knew for a fact that she didn’t like one of the new guys, and another she had commented on being too young, and quite honestly, not having much going on upstairs. And yet, while it totally looked like it was going to be three average guys and one handsome guy, she twisted the plot and chose two and two. There’s too much coincidence for that not to be a producer’s call. She probably still got to make the cut, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they told her to even the odds.

Anyway, back to this week. Zack fucked up, that’s all there is to it. He’s been fucking up for weeks now, it’s just she finally got insight to it. I knew he would be out eventually, I just wish it had been in the first cut (right after he smashed a raw egg on one of the other guy’s head). The original camp was totally Nerd and Jocks right out of Revenge of the Nerds. Thankfully, he was really the only Jock to survive, but it would have been refreshing to not keep him anyway. I think he grew as a person from all of this, but not enough. He was still rude, crude, and ill mannered out of her sight. Very two faced. When she called him out for the cut, though, I was still tense and felt a little bad for him because he had grown, he had evolved. He was had shown his soft side and been a genuine person, even to some of the other Average Joes.

Oh, and props to Adam who, while not putting two and two together, at least came up with all the numbers when asking if Malena, in her fat suit, looked like Fat Monica from Friends. Maybe, in a real world situation, it would be too unexpected to realize, but I’m sorry, the fat suit still looked like a fat suit and she still sounded and talked just like Malena.

Anyway, next week is the two hour conclusion and I’m still rooting for the Average Adam, though this new guy seems pretty genuine and real in his own way. He still stepped up to the plate with an unfair advantage, and that’s what this experiment is all about, isnt’ it?

I’ll write more on Thanksgiving later, after I’ve done a little work.

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She really did just look like any other person in a traditional TV Fat suit. And she had to be careful when she talked, because the seams folded wierd at her cheeks and chin.

Like I said, If you saw it in real life, it’d be so unexpected you wouldn’t even think about it, but on TV, it totally looked fake.

Oh, the best part though was when the set her loose in SanFran and had her ask directions to a movie theatre in the fat suit. She said that normally when she asks someone for directions or anything, they start up a conversation, ask her for her number, etc. When she wore the fat suit, no one even gave her the directions. She said it was very disturbing and “eye opening.”

I’m like “of course it’s disturbing, you shallow dipshit.” Anyway, maybe I just don’t like it when people are blinded by their own self image, good or bad.

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