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OOOooohhhh, My back is aching today. I don’t know why. I don’t have a bad back like some people, but it does ache every now and then. Specifically my lower back, my lumbar area. This new Aeron chair is helping, but every now and then I just need to lay on the floor and half a petite woman walk her tosies up and down it just to pop everything back into place. I just can’t seem to get comfortable today. I’m ready to go home and I can’t find any pressing work to do. I’m thinking I may go home early, maybe around 2 or 3, skipping lunch in the process. I had a big breakfast (coffee, yogurt, oatmeal square – yeah, that’s big for me). Either way, I’m not the happiest camper today. I’m in a good mood, I just can’t get comfortable in my chair.

I’ve been online looking at new body jewelry for my ears. I want to get two matching CBRs (captive bead rings, look it up if you must). One for my lowest lobe piercing and one for my cartilige piercing. My other earring is and will continue to be a diamond stud that PCCloseChristy gave me one of the first times I ever met her. I’ve been thinking of getting a pair of matching cobalt niobium rings. I’m thinking 14g and maybe both the same size, somewhere in the 3/8″ to 1/2″ range, or one of each size so that the match but aren’t identical. My other option lately, in my mind, has been to just go and get a second cartilige piercing just above or below the first (I can’t remember where that mass of cartilige is that he adivsed not piercing through is) and get two idential rings at the top of my ear. that would run me $50 in addition to the price of the rings though so that pretty much makes it a non-option.

Speaking of non-options, I started bemoaning my lack of money for a new tattoo again. Damn I want a second, even a third tattoo, but they’re SO DAMN EXPENSIVE. I really need a body-modding sugar-momma.

…and for my obligatory Temple of Elemental Evil update. I may have to kill off my sorcerer so that I can get a character that can scribe a friggin fireball scroll. Damn this game. If I had something else I was even vaguely interested in, I’d play it until Atari releases their damn patch, but like Vish says, I’m a Junkie Monkey.

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I really need a body-modding sugar-momma.

change that to poppa for me and I’m right there with ya. I mustneedshave new ink and piercings and replacements. But the funds are just lacking.

Maybe we can start a support group, like make each other throw a quarter in a jar daily until we get enough.

So I actaully bought the rings I was looking, at, plus a new piece of jewelry for my nipple. Still wish I could get the $400 tats I want. damn reality is stealing all my money.

I know the tats I want are gonna cost at least that much. Oh well. I’m not harping for em too bad right now cause I reallly want to make that a present to myself when I lose all the weight.

Reality bites, especially everytime I check my balance…

I keep trying to find ways to alter the tattoos I want to be cheaper, or to find another tattoo that I would really enjoy to hold me over, but I’m kind of focused on the ones I really want right now. Oh well, maybe I’ll win an online sweepstakes or something and be able to splurge on some new body art. Yeah, whatever, I should pay of the credit cards, car and house first, huh.

Yeah, I keep hoping for extra cash too…then i figure that’s why i’m not getting it is because I’d spend it on something silly instead of getting me outta debt.

You know, even if I could get my outlines done and not my color right now i’d be happy. But even that would entail more money than the 50 cents I have in my pocket.

Man I can’t wait to move to denton so I can save my extra gas money from my no longer existant commute…maybe…probably not. knowing me I’d spend it on beer…damn.

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