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With all the Art people I’ve got as friends on here, does anyone know how to get scratches out of brushed aluminum? I’m working on a new computer case project (yes, I mod computer cases, if you know what that means).

Anyway, details are here.

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Pinnacle, Crystal Clear Metal Polish

I used this on alot of my antique aluminum cases, and it worked quite well. I would advise to test it before you try it for real of course, due to possible discoloration.
I just used one of those funky waxing shammy thingys you get from Pep Boys. I know Pin also makes some other kinds of polish, but I wasnt looking for anything super fancy.
NEVER (and I know you are a smart man, so this is trite) use a Brillo or Scotch Brite no matter what anyone says!!!
You will have to do it to the whole case if you do!
I have a few other things I have used in the past that I can email ya if you are interested…I just have to dig them out of the garage 🙂
Hey, have you done a Borg case at all?

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