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FUCKING BITCH WHORE CUNT BAG CUM BUCKET! (edited after thought and contemplation 09/07/2003 7:52 PM)

You know, she’s like a fucking cat stuck in a 70 foot tree! No, not Heather. Someone else. She’s on my friend’s list but I’m not saying who, if you figure it out, it’s kudos to you. Anyway, back to my analogy.

I was watching animal planet today and they had this Amazing Animal video of a cat stuck 70 feet up in a tree and it was so bizarre. I didn’t think I’d make this reference, but god damn it, that’s pretty much what she is. She’s stuck in this tree and she can’t figure out how to get down, so she screams and cries all day about being stuck in this tree, and you can yell to her, and call to her and try to calm her down, but she’s still stuck in the damn tree. If you go and get a ladder and try to actually get her out of the tree, she hisses and claws you, and climbs higher into the tree. Then the fireman thinks, why the hell am I trying to help her again? But then the cat starts meowling again, so you come up with another plan. Maybe you just need to be a little more forceful, so you get a water gun to try and “shoot” her out of the tree, with a group of friends on the ground to catch her when she falls. All she does then is yowl, get pissy and leap higher up the tree. Meanwhile, you’re wobbling back and forth at the top of a ladder and your friends are just getting wet below. You give up and go down the ladder. What happens next? Well fuck on me if she doesn’t start screaming and crying for help again. Shit, so you get a bigger water gun that should literally launch her out of the tree. Sure, it may be a little traumatizing, but at least it will fucking get her out of the tree. and since she’s going to fly further, you have two groups of friends standing down there with blanket to catch her. Instead, she digs into the tree, hisses at you wildly, bearing her teeth, and clings to the tree for dear life. You’re at the top of this ladder for a third time, water’s running down your sleeve in the cold English autumn, your friends are getting hosed on, and that damn cat is still stuck in this fucking tree.

Finally, you climb down the ladder to come up with a new strategy. That damn cat’s been up there a week and you’ve tried countless times and methods to get her down. Finally, while your scratching your head trying to figure out what the fuck to do next, the cat slips and falls 70 feet to the ground, missing both of the catch blankets, landing on both feet and racing off to hide under your firetruck. When you go over to coax her out and make sure that she’s fine, she bites the fuck out of your hand. Hmm, guess she’s not hurt.

Anyway, I’m sure that makes no fucking sense to anyone on here, but that’s how I feel about this friend of mine right now. I love her to death and she can make me hate her at the drop of a hat. I can’t figure out what’s wrong with her anymore, and I want to help, but sometimes I feel like I’m fucking wasting my time. I left the party tonight, not really because she pissed me off, especially since she pissed me off on my way out of the party, but I’m glad I’m away from her. But now I’m stressed because I know I’m going to want to help her again and I’m going to almost (almost) regret snapping out at her tonight. I was even optomistic tonight because her husband actually said a word to me, which is the first in almost a month. I woudn’t be surprised if she turned him against me again. I hate the fact that my friendship with him (which I had first by a long shot) has been tanted by my friendship with her, but I really did want to help her when she cried for help. And in consoling and comforting her, I grew to really like her company and friendship. She tries on you occasionally, but I’ve never been upset to have her as a friend, well, almost never. There’s too much tension between people right now. People are mad at other people, won’t talk to one another, avoiding eachother. Things are tense and I’m extremely empathic so I feel it all. It’s a curse I know.

All I know is I feel that by being so involved with certain members of my friend base, I’m alienating myself from others. My brother and his wife have only been here a short time and they’re already going out and spending time with my friends more than I am. I’ll admit that I’m jealous. I know a lot of it has to do with the fact that I often times don’t really want to go out. I get home from work, I’m tired, I want to watch a movie, play a video game and laze around the house. But I’d at least like to get invited occasionally. I’m going to try to start getting back into the circle by having occasional movie nights. The first one is This upcoming Friday, we’re watching Bad Taste, Peter Jackson’s first movie. If you know me and know where I live, you’re invited to come watch it with us. We’re probably going to start around 7:30ish.

Anyway, I’m feeling a little better. I wanted to vent here so that I could actually enjoy the rest of my evening with Heather. I was too tense getting home. I’m going to go curl up on the couch and watch Wasabi with my wife now. Sorry to be such a loudmouth, but you’re the one reading my journal…

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wow. 70 ft tree. my meowing seems to bother you. i’ve known that for months now, that’s why i’ve toned down meowing at you. oh, and i loved the lecture on morals you gave me.
besides, most of the people who know us, know who you’re talking about anyway…even if they weren’t at the party last night.
i’ll pass that cd along to you some time this week. i hope you enjoy it.

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