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LiveJournal Archives – 09/06/2003

The rules are simple, if you want a job, give me a résumé. If I like your résumé, I’ll put it in the pile of good ones. If I like it a second time, I’ll look up your class schedule (if you haven’t already provided it for me). If your class schedule fits the hours that I need employees, then I’ll call you for an interview. For some reason, people can’t seem to follow these rules. they come in day after day reminding me that they applied for a job, wondering if I’ve decided to call them yet, letting me know how much they need this job. I’m sorry, I know you need this job, but my giving you this job is not based on how much you need it, it’s based on how much I need you. So here I am, working on a Saturday, not as a manger, but as an attendant and someone who dropped off his résumé on Friday walks in, not to work in the lab mind you, but to talk to me about how much he needs this job. Jesus, I’m dressed in shorts and a ratty t-shirt drinking a 44 oz. Ocean Water. Do I look like I’m wearing the manager hat today?

Sorry, had to vent.

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