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LiveJournal Archives – 09/05/2003

Just got back from The Loop Hole, Recycled Books, Beth Marie’s and Hastings. Wow, what a long evening it’s been. Bought a new Tricky album. I hadn’t heard anything about it, but I remembered how much I absolutely loved the first with no introduction at all, so I figured it was a safe gamble. Also picked up a copy of Cherish on DVD. We rented it a few months back and I really remember enjoying it. I have this thing about women running, not in fear, but a nice healthy run. I liked Run Lola Run for the same reason. I mean there’s more to this movie than her running, in fact she only runs in one scene, its a good movie all around, but the running scene just stands out. Oh, and the Tricky album has been really good so far. We listened to it as we drove to Hastings and back.

We rented Wasabi and Swimfan and since it’s getting a bit late (for HeatherEJCHeather at least) I need to go and start watching one of the movies.

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WASABI kicks much ass! Heh…
I absolutely love Jean Runo period…I bought it immediately!
And to tell you the truth, Ryoko Hirosue is a little hottie.
Have no idea how old she may be, but heheh… yum.

All around hilarious and some kewl action scenes (Runo style).
3 thumbs up…I *had* to find another thumb!

Wow, you’re right! After we watched it last night, we went out and bought it today. That’s one of the best movies I’ve watched in a long time! A perfect combination of action and comedy. Wow!

I would gladly add my two thumbs to yours and make it Four! Five if you find a third!

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