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Slow Day

If I didn’t feel like I was forgetting something, I’d so go home early today. I think I may still be thinking I have to do some more classroom orientations today, but they I did two and the third and fourth were both canceled/rescheduled. The one I was supposed to do tonight was canceled (thank god) because the class itself was canceled, it didn’t make. I’m sorry for the students that needed the course, but my throat appreciates the break. The orientation I was supposed to be doing in half an hour got, uh rescheduled to an hour and a half ago? Okay, really it got canceled and an orientation for a different class was scheduled. I’ll be doing that one on Friday at noon.

I’ll be here all week ladies and gentlemen, be sure to try the veal.

I keep thinking I’ll start developing a livejournal “style,” a layout for my lifejournal, but I’m so damned lazy, I can’t even do that. At least I’m playing KOTOR again, I had gotten distracted from it and I have this horrible habit of getting really excited about a game, plunking down money for it as soon as it comes out, playing it for a week, only half finishing it in that time, and then forgetting about it completely. Ask my friend Ben, he can attest to it as he aften plays the same games at the same time and usually ribs me constantly for not finishing it at all. I’m actually getting close to the end, and I’m nervous because I don’t really want this run through to end, so I’m stalling, going back and making sure I haven’t missed anything, even though I know full well that I’m going to play the game again.

heatherejcWe rented a movie last night, expecting a fun, madcap, college comedy. Instead, we ended up with this kind of boring, not so comical heartwarming romance. I mean, it was cute and all, but it wasn’t at all what we wanted. We bought Amazon Women on the Moon last night too. It was $15, not so much as to break the bank. We had watched Kentucky Fried Movie Monday and I realized that I’d rather be wathing Amazon Women instead. We already owned Kentucky Fried and I almost went out to buy Amazon Women then, but I figured we had to return some movies last night, so I waited until then. I’m antsy to watch it, but I almost want to watch it with friends. Anyone wanna come buy and watch it with me some time?

Oh, and when the hell is Willard coming out on DVD?

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Re: Willard

Okay, I knew that just by looking up the web page for the link, but it’s more of a “when’s that darn sun gonna set” kind of thing. I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for it to come to DVD (Heather would not go to see it in the theatre, and every week more stuff comes out that isn’t Willard…

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