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LiveJournal Archives – 08/28/2003

Well, a cable guy came by to try and figure out why we haven’t had internet access in almost three weeks. He gave us a new cable modem, even though we weren’t renting the one we had. We had bought one outright two years ago. But he still gave us this one and left it when he was done. I hope it doesn’t show up on our cable bill as a rental. He also replaced my network card in my computer, even though it we owned that too. Oh well, apparently they’re making enough money off my by charging me for a service I haven’t been able to use in the past three weeks to give me free hardware. Apparently they’ve been doing some major line service and server migrations of their own and that’s causing a lot of problems right now. When he finally left, I still didn’t have internet access. He told me that the service lines were down and even when they came up, I’d still have to call in the new MAC address. After a couple of hours, when the lights on the new modem seemed to be stable (I don’t have a manual for this one, so I have to guess), I called the service number and after being on hold for 30 minutes, told the guy on the phone that I needed to update my MAC address. He says that’s not an option right now due to a problem with their system. I’m like, am I going to have to call again? He says he’ll write a trouble ticket as a reminder to do it later when the system is back up and running.

As of 8:00 last night, I still don’t have internet at my house. I haven’t tried since. I wonder what I’m paying that $50 for…

In other financial news, maybe we can save money buy not buying birth control pills anymore, we could probably get by with 3 condoms a month. *sigh*

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