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Back at Work, the Vacation’s Over

Well, we went to San Antonio this weekend (Thurs-Sun). We had a great time, but like all good times, we had to come back at the end. We spent the weekend in a fantastic Inn/B&B called the Riverwalk Vista. It was an old business building whose second and third floors had been converted into hotel rooms that look out over different areas of downtown San Antonio. The expensive rooms look right out onto the Riverwalk, while our room had a great view of the Tower of the Americas (and the Riverwalk Mall). It didn’t matter what view we got, we were still spitting distance from the most populated section of the Riverwalk (right on Commerce Street) and could walk to any number of fabulous restraunts and shops.

We were two blocks from the Alamo, too. Funny thing about the Alamo, everyone always says to remember the Alamo, but you can’t take any pictures so you’re actually forced to remember it.

We could have spent the whole time in the hotel, it was beautiful and so comfortable. The bed was so plush you practically sank into it like a cloud. The room had great windows that just begged to be looked out. There was high speed internet and a lucsious slate shower. I could have spent a week or even a month in that room, but we did get out a couple times.

Anyway, we had a wonderful time and regret having to leave, but in the end, you can’t live on vacation forever so here we are, back at work. Oh, and it sucks to be poor.

oh, BTW, I just found out that Amazon is making a pretty compelling offer to sell the 3.5e Core D&D books. Please, if you love gaming, buy from a local game store, they are the reason D&D even exists today. If your local game stores have already been driven out of business by Conglomos like Amazon and Wal-Mart, visit mine on the web: Talon Comics & Games.

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