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I am a Lazy Bastard

I hate that I don’t wirte entries as often as I’d like. I kick myself every morning when I haven’t updated.

I’ve been up to a lot of the same lately. Work work work work work. Game, game, game. Let’s see what’s changed lately:

  1. ErezethMy Brother and PCCloseHis Wife have moved to Texas for good. They are currently living with us but have an eye on an appartment that should become available in August. Hopefully we don’t drive eachother crazy before then. It’s nice having them in the house, don’t get me wrong, but sometimes, you feel like you’re no longer livinng in your own personal space. It’s not that it’s crowded, not by any means, and it’s not like they get in the way, quite the opposite. It’s just I feel like I need to be on houseguest behavior, even though he’s my own brother. I mean if he can fart in the livingroom, I should be able to shout and run through my house with my dog.
  2. HeatherEJCHeather and I are getting more and more strapped for cash. We’ve gone to Consumer Credit Counseling Services, but they didnt’ have anything to offer. We’re looking at other options but it’s looking like the only way we’re going to pull through is with second jobs. I need a car, there is no more doubt on that one. The problem is getting the money for it. Heather’s applied for a job at Petsmart, and I’m still waiting for Best Buy to start hiring at their new store but they still don’t acknowledge that it’s even a Best Buy yet. We’re trying to break even each month before we start looking for the extra $300-400 each month for the car. We tried three different strategies to consolodate our current debt, but all three failed. Heather gets more and more stressed each day and it’s taking it’s toll on me. We both need to be happier in our lives in general.
  3. RPGA keeps growing. The TalonRPGA Group keeps growing every day. We’re up to 55 members. So while we have more and more interest at the game days, I’m also meeting more and more gamers who want to play modules not on Game Days as well. I keep telling Heather that I’ll be slowing down on RPGA soon, but I’m afraid that as soon as I finish with the Living Greyhawk modules I’m trying to catch up on, Legacy of the Green Regent will be starting. I too would kind of like a break, but at the same time, I really like having something to do, especially since I’m not as happy at work, this has been a great escape. I’ve had a lot of fun co-ordinating games and running for people. I ran a huge 16 hour module for a group of guys I met recently. They finished it in 11 and had a great time. They were really fun to run for. I got as excited about the game as they did and just had a great day. And as if the great day spent with them wasn’t enough, they gave me a $25 gift certificate to Thanks guys, that was awesome!
  4. I worked on a new show for FOX called Ambush Makeover for four days a couple weeks ago. It was really fun, though stressful at times. You could tell the crew was at the end of it’s shooting schedule because they were all showing signs of pressure from the corporate home. We had a lot of fun and some of the makeovers were fabulous! They are apparently only planning to shoot in a limited number of cities, so if the show continues through more than one season, they’ll probably be back in Dallas again. Also, now my number is in the hands of the Banyan offices, so maybe when they come to do Trading Spaces, they’ll call. So if you are a fan of Trading Spaces or any of the “A [blah] Story” shows on TLC, you might want to check this one out. Oh, and if you happen to watch it and see a segment in Dalls involving a guy with a tiger shirt and pink/purple hair, that’s me!
  5. It’s hot. but then again, I’m the fool Yankee living in Texas!

The monotony of life is getting to me, but I seem to be dealing with it. Thanks everyone for tolerating and supporting me as I spin in and out of control.

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