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Early Morning

I’m sitting in the quite lab, once again wondering why the hell I get up here this early. Some sort of deranged dedication to the lab. I think I’m just so tired of people complaining about the lab and computer support, I’m willing to “martyr” myself to make things better. It’s pretty much just a hollow offering, but it’s slighly more than the least I can do.

Yesterday I took a half day off because the milk I had in my cereal in the morning, was starting to turn and it was playing hockey in my stomach. After I started to feel better, I decided to mow the lawn – all of it – not just the front yard like I’ve been doing but both yards. I’m sore and achy, and I apparently touched some poison ivy at some point because I have a single bump of a rash on my hand. Not too bad though, I almost enjoyed myself until the end when I just got tired of it. I like knowing that I own a home and the land it sits upon, but I’m not real fond of being the sole individual responsible for it’s upkeep.

Things are getting better between HeatherEJCHeather and I. She’s putting more effort into resolving our problems than before, which is nice. She was doing really well up until the surgery, at which point things fell off dramatically. She’s starting to get back into the swing of things. I’m still entirely dependant on her whims and not at all on my own, but I guess if it’s a give and take relationship, I’ll have to take what she gives.

Tonight is the second Living Force home game. I’m only vaguely looking foward to it, but I think I’ll get more and more in the mood as I get closer to time to run. I don’t think I’m getting burned out on RPGA, I’m still having way too much fun on the forums and co-ordinating and running at Derek’s. I think the LF game is just an added hassle. If it was just on Saturdays, I think I’d be better adjusted for it, but this whole second day thing, it’s getting tough on me. Also, I’ve decided I need my Sunday nights back. Craig’s game is fine, it’s from 2-7 on Sundays, I’m home by 8:30 at the latest and can spend a decent amount of time with Heather. GramalkinGray’s game, however, is from 7-11 and by the time I get home, all that’s left to do is crawl into bed. Sure I get more time during the day, but I need quiet time at home on Sunday evenings to prepare myself for the coming week. I don’t want to drop the game, I’d prefer it just be moved to another day.

Anyway, lab attendant is here so I gotta go.

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