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Happy Y2K3

Well Sheeeeeeeeit… looks like I’ve been slacking on the updates… sorry about that. I know that this is such a popular blog I have people beating down my virtual door to get updates. I know, my life is just that interesting.

Anyway, where did I last leave off, probably before Christmas even, so first off MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! We went to HeatherEJCHeather’s parents’ for Christmas. It wasn’t too bad, we left as late as we could and returned as early as we could, thus making the trip as short as possible. We were a bit concerned that we were going to get snowed in (like we did two years ago), but we made it out safe and sound. Heather treated me to about the best barage of gifts I’ve gotten in years. It started off early with the DVD Player I wanted. I thank her pretty much every other day still for that one. Also, when we actually opened gifts on Christmas, she gave me two incredible CDs that I had heard very little of. They were both amazing and have quickly become some of my favorite CDs. She also managed to find my absolute favorite Disney Movie ever. It’s hard to get because Disney only releases their films for a limited time, so unless you want to pay $40 or more for it, you’re shit outta luck. She found it for $20!

My Mom surprised me greatly by actually getting me the Nintendo Wavebird. I didn’t expect anything like that. It has turned out to be the absolute best ever gaming accessory. It feels just like a regular controller, so much so that you keep trying to take care not to tangle the wire.

Heather’s Mom amazed us all when she gave all the men (all men get the same gift in her house) leafblowers! Sure, they aren’t really a fun toy, but it’s probably the second best gift she’s given me after the toolkit that has become indispensible around the house. Sure, it was a gas powered and I prefered electric, but I was willing to accept it. When she heard that, she offered to take it back and give us the cash so we could go and get an electric instead! What a deal!

So all in all, Christmas was a blast. Heather liked everything I found for here, and I came out really happy with everything I got. There were things I really wanted that I didn’t get, but I didn’t notice them until weeks later. Like I said we were able to get out when we wanted to also, so we weren’t even really trapped in the house too much (though Heather’s grandmother nearly drove me abso-fucking-lutely nuts going on about how we left Ia in the cage so much).

When we came home, we had only a few days to get ready for ErezethJeremy and PCCloseChristy came down to visit for a week.

They called on Friday and asked if it would be okay if they showed up a bit early. I was afraid they were going to say they were liek an hour out at that point, but they decided to leave that evening rather than Saturday so they would get in a day early. We spent the rest of the day and a good part of the next cleaning up and making sure they would be comfortable. While they were here we went to a few restraunts, watched some movies and played a lot of Animal Crossing. Fancy came over a lot and hung out with us, too. We all had a really good time.

It had been decided just before Christmas that the New Years party would be at our house. It wasn’t to be an overly ambitious party, more just a port in the storm, a place for drinking, and a TV to watch the ball drop. Since we weren’t sure who was going to be there, but we knew it would at least be the four of us and Fancy (all Animal Crossing fanatics) we decided we’d move a second TV into the living room so we could watch the Animal Crossing festivities as well as the NY (recorded live) festivites. Enough people showed up that we felt a little wierd playing Animal Crossing while ringing in the New Year, but not so many that we weren’t going to do it. It was actually (for some of us) more entertaining than the real New Years countdown.

Needless to say we all got pretty drunk and had a really good time. Fancy stayed the night, she had planned it to begin with so she wouldn’t have to feel concerned about drinking too much or staying up too late. She stayed in the computer room on the pull out love seat. It was really cozy to wake up and have all of us hanging out, a little drunk still, a lot tired, and all curled up on couches in the living room watching TV.

The rest of the week went by too quickly and as soon as we realized we were having a really good time, Jeremy and Christy were packing to leave. The week finished with some more Animal Crossing and some more movies. Friday morning, while they were packing, Fancy called and asked if it would be okay if she spent the weekend at our place, she needed some time to sit and think about some things without distraction. She needed a weekend (it’s hard for a full time mom to get out you know). We said it was fine (as soon as we lose one guest, we get another, Nur will be back this weekend), so she asked GramalkinGray.

Everyone was okay with it so she came over right after Jeremy and Christy left and we had a pretty good weekend. We watched a LOT more movies (Christy doesn’t like movies that much, but Fancy does and I wanted to really play with my new DVD player). Our only mistake was that Fancy wanted to go dancing, she wanted to go out to a club and neither Heather nor I had been for a really long time, hell, neither had Fancy, but we made the mistake of deciding to go on Sunday night. Of course our first day of work was Monday morning. We foolishly stayed out until about 2:30… the ringing in my ears was so bad that I couldn’t even go to bed until 3:30. I have to say though, both Heather and Fancy looked fabulous at the club, I felt like the luckiest guy there to be dancing with these two amazing women. There was even a beggar in the parking lot that commented on how I was taking them both home with me. It was awesome. Oh yeah, and the dancing and the club were good too, but the company really made it a great night!

All in all, except for being pretty pretty much dead Monday, it was a great vacation. Hope your’s was even half as good!

(was it too long?)

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