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“The Cursed Video”

We watched the video last night, and if you don’t know what that statement means, then you weren’t there to be humiliated.

Anyway, the most thankful thing about the video is that it focuses mostly on a drunk Turk with a stick (which is one of the funniest parts in my opinion). As a result of the marvelous camera work, I am only vaguely represented in brilliant drunken prose. My biggest line I believe is “Virgin Orange-Juice!” It’s not nearly as bad as we all expected, well, except maybe Nur who I think decided it was worse than she expected and wanted to censor our copy. Not a chance! I’m going to import it into the computer later and at least edit out the sections where someone in a business suit walked around with the camera on unknowingly, and shot a lot of upside-down footage of walls and people in the background (Thank you “GramalkinEvil Druid” for pointing that out to him, you were only 10 minutes late).

I’ll probably do some screen captures for our Photo Gallery, but since they will be pulled from video they won’t be up to our standard quality.

Well, I’m back to my lunch at my desk, have a nice day everyone!

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