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The Monday After

I have to say, it was smaller than expected, but at the same time it was a really good party. I had a good time, pretty much everyone I’ve talked to has said the same. I didn’t get as drunk as I did at the New Years party we had last year (I stopped drinking at Midnight and was still too drunk to walk at 3:00), but I still had a hell of a good time. I dressed up as a big white bunny and for some reason was really animated throughout the entire party. I think it’s because the costume felt like a mascot uniform so I kept getting up and jumping around like a mascot at a football game. Really strange. I bought some Absente (refined Absinthe) for the party, I’ve been wanting to try it for a couple years now. I can say it was really good but really strong. It’s definitely a sipping alcohol, at least for me it is. Wow! I’ve still got pretty much an entire bottle, I’m sure I’ll have a little now and then when I’m feeling vaguely surreal or impressionist.

Anyway, after recovering from the party most of the day Saturday, we then finally rolled out to Lewisville where we shopped at Best Buy and Target and ate dinner at Don Pablos (ohhhhh soooo fuuullllll). We picked up Mario Party 4 and a couple extra controllers (don’t buy controllers at Best Buy, they haven’t accepted the new MSRP drop to $19.99, they still sell them for $24.99). I also bought some pants!

Sunday we lazed around the house, cleaning up a little here and there to the point that it is now actually pretty clean. We played a game of Mario Party (peach is still a Bitch), and then Heather went shopping and I played four more rounds of solo Mario Party 4. At 7:30 people started showing up for the Bebop game. We finished up episode one, though it did run a little long. I’m thinking of starting a little earlier, but we can’t start too early, one of the players doesn’t get out of church until 7, but he’s still consistently the first one there. We’ll probably start at 7:15 or so. At any rate, it still seems to be going okay, I’m going to start trying to develop episodes on the characters, though I think they still have a couple bounty hunts in the way to kind of weld the group together a bit more. We’ll see, I have one long background so far.

Today has been a slow day so far, I’ve had to do an emergency purge of a network drive, but other than that there hasn’t been much to be concerned about. I’m going to start working on some large projects this week. It’s a bit overwhelming at this point.

Ia is off to the vet today, we dropped her off at the assigned vet this morning for her $15 Spay and Rabies shot. We can actually pick her up this evening. I expected an overnight, but we’ll be getting her after work. She’s going to be groggy and we paid extra for some pain pills for the next couple days so that she’ll be comfortable. I’m looking forward to seeing her this evening. I miss her now that I think of her at a strange vet’s office (it’s not our normal vet) getting cut open and everything. She’s bound to be scared and confused, but it’s all for the best in the long run.

Ah well, back to work.

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