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End of the Day

Well, the day’s over, I feel like I’m starting to make progress on the whole hacking issue. It definitely feels like a progress of three steps forward, two steps back, but that’s still progress, isn’t it?

Anyway, I’m going to start on my new images tomorrow, since we got our replacement machines in. I gotta get these things in service as soon as possible. Of course I can’t do that until the other machines that are sitting in their spaces (for storage reasons, actually) out to their prospective users. Anyway, that’s not my deal, which means I need to urge someone else to get those moving so I can start setting up my new 2Ghz systems.

Anyway, I’m printing out some CD labels, so I have a few extra minutes at the office, I hope to be done before 5:30… shouldn’t be much of an issue. Have a great evening and don’t fret Monday too much, remember, it’s only four more days until Friday!

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