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Another Morning I wish I had called in Dead

Last night was the first actual game night for my new Bebop game. I feel that it went really well, I don’t know how the players felt, but I think it carried the feel and motiff of the show well. I think the group will mesh well in time, though last night was a little stiff. Most people are still trying to get into their characters, but I like the interaction I’ve seen so far. I’m really excited about the game now, I almost wish it was weekly instead of every other week. Maybe if I ran on Fridays or something. I’ll noodle the idea and see what comes up.

This morning wasn’t too bad until I realized that as a result of all the hacking on the PCs, the Mac security is getting bumped up as well, and unfortunately, there are not as easy workarounds to make the student and lab attendant’s lives simple as a result. I can make an autologon for the PCs no problem, but for the Mac’s there is no solution. I’m going to have to come up with something else, otherwise the lab attendants are going to spend all day logging in macs. I have a couple things to try, but I think it’s going to get worse before it gets better.

I’m going to leave this entry here for now, but I may write more later today.

Oh, and just a note, it’s nice to see Gray on today, even though I haven’t even had a free moment to talk to him about anything.

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