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Burnt out again…

How often do you get just soooo fed up with the same daily routine day after day, week after week, and month after month? It seems like it happens to me about once every three or four months. I think I hit that point again last week sometime. I get to work and instead of being able to motivate myself to do some actual work, I’m more likely to just sti at my desk and stare of blankly. I realize this is actually the same work ethic one of my office mates has, but at the same time, I like to think I’m usually a little more dedicated. I don’t want to admit that it has anything to do with Animal Crossing, but it might. Does it matter? Maybe I just latched onto Animal Crossing because it was a much more pleasant option. I’m thinking of staying home after lunch again today because my new lab tech is so on the ball I’m actually feeling like I can leave the office for more than an hour at a time. I’m not so afraid that the lab is going to crash and burn.

At any rate, I’m getting revved up for my Cowboy Bebop game, I’ve got the background written out and we’re making characters on Sunday. I’m pretty excited about it, I’m still trying to judge the player’s interest but I hope that my excitement alone for the series and setting will at least carry the game until the plot hooks start hooking (oh yeah, note to self, start developing plots, heh). The biggest thing I want to see is deep backgrounds and a tight knit group (are any of you reading this?). I am hoping for the best.

I’m trying to get my brother on LiveJournal so that I can see what’s happening in his life too, but I don’t know if he’s going to go for it. Oh well.

So I’ve conducted my one job interview for the day, I think I’m ready to pack it in and go back to (paw)Tomic and visit with my little animal friends. Maybe I can pay my wife another $0.60 to leave me at home after lunch…

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