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It’s Raining!

I love the rain, I love the cold, I don’t know why the hell I live in Texas where there are no seasons and no precipitation except for about three days out of the year!

I’m conducting interviews for job positions in my computer lab, I hate conducting interviews even more than being interviewed. I get so tired of the same questions, but even more so, the same answers. It’s an art really, I’m not looking for answers as much as I’m looking for the way they answer. I’m trying to determine what kind of employee someone is by asking them who they are. They’re trying to give me answers that sell themselves, but I’m more looking at their presentation, how fast they think on their feet, how communicative they are. I have four people for three jobs. I think I know who’s getting cut, but it may come down to schedules. I hate when that happens, or I like it, dang, I’m not sure.

I’ve decided to start looking at 3DSMax again, I don’t knw why I put myself through this, it’s not like I have the patience to actually go trough with learning it, I just want to get in and make the models I want, but I should actually start at the beginning with some lessons. Maybe I’ll put off the actual modelling this time and actually sit down and see if I can learn something first instead of trial and error.

I swear this is my favorite Dead Can Dance song: American Dreaming. Every time this comes on I’m just floored. I need to watch the concert video again. Maybe I’ll bring it up to the office this afternoon and have it playing in a small window on the desktop.

Damn I love the rain! I wish I didn’t have to be here at work, I wish I could be at home in my living room staring out my huge sliding glass door at the rain coming down in my back yard. I so appreciate owning my own house. I strongly suggest that everyone own a home a some point in time, it’s so different from renting. Anyway, I’ve lost any continuity I may have started with so I’ll just give up here.

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Wow, you sound like those animals who say they don’t want to do anything when it rains. 😉

The reason I wanted to live in Texas was I didn’t want to shovel snow anymore. My senior year in high school we had a blizzard that dumped 3 ft of snow that drifted everywhere. I’m talking 15 ft drifts. Plus the cold makes my skin crack.

I really do enjoy fall though. I miss the color change, the smell of leaves and the atmosphere. Autumn is a different kind of season in Nebraska than it is here. Everyone knows winter is around the corner and it’s like a last celebration before it all goes white.

I love Dead Can Dance. I didn’t get to go to their concert when they were in Dallas and I’ve been regretting it ever since. 🙁

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