Welcome to my Seven Day Work Week…

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…in which I talk about the hell week that leads up to the first day of school.

As you may notice, today is not exactly Wednesday, but then again, by the time I got to Wednesday, not only did I have no concept of what day it was, but I was so behind on my work, I wouldn’t have been able to blog even if I’d had the energy to do so. This is the first week of classes here at UNT and for me, that means it’s the busiest week of the semester. Additionally, its the first week of the Fall semester, also known as the new Academic year and the new Fiscal year. Being that I am the solely responsible for getting all of the computer classrooms ready, as well as the computer lab, as well as hiring student employees for said lab, and making the majority of purchases for not only the lab, but the IT office in general, it’s been a pretty crazy week. And what’s worse, my week started last Sunday and once again, I’m back in the office.

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Tuesday, August 16th, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | No Comments

I was waiting for mail to be delivered in WoW when I realized it takes an hour, not 30 minutes to mail equipment to yourself. So now I’m signing off and going to bed, but in an attempt to post more, with content or not, I’m gonna make a late night, blurry eyed post.

So the past couple weeks have been all about getting new equipment in and distributing it to the faculty. We got new “Small Form Factor” PCs (some people call them Shuttles because Shuttle is one of the biggest manufacturer of SFF cases), new iMac G5s and a whole whopping pile of new laptops (and there’s nothing in that whole pile for me – boo hoo). Anyway, they started really cluttering up the office and store room. In addition to that, we had recieved 10 new laser printers a couple months ago and we are still in the process of replacing them as well. Needless to say, its been tough to get anywhere or do anything in any of our offices lately. I have been trying to roll out the new computers to make space, but the downfall of that, is bigger computers come back in their place. So I finally decided that we weren’t going to clear enough space to do the big project I’d been holding off on and went ahead and packed up some printers that were to be sent off to Dell to be destroyed. We rolled out two of the largest printers that were just taking up space in the office, a medium sized printer that hadn’t worked in years, and two small printers that were probably salvaged from Apollo 11. We had to pack them back up in boxed that we had recieved the new printers from Dell in, which was funny because three printers were too big to fit in the boxes, and two were too small. I ended up stuffing two in one box, one in a second box, and two into four more boxes (1 printer per 2 boxes).

It was a nice break from the usual humdrum of the office, and some needed excersize since the rec center is closed this week and I’m doing nothing but eating cake and pie! The only downside, which was really more humorous than anything else, was that I dropped a large papertray on my leg and it left a nice red welt down the length of my shin. Really nice. It’ll probably hurt like hell tomorrow, but it’s pretty badass looking eitherway.

It seems like something funny and entertaining happened this afternoon that would be worthy of posting, but damned if I can remember now. I did go to lunch with Steve at Jackoff in the Box today. I needed to be back in the office by 2:00 for a meeting, so I didn’t want to risk going home and being late (though, ironically enough, the people we were meeting with were late and it was only because I was waiting for them that I dropped the printer drawer on my leg). Steve and I don’t get to hang out enough and I sort of regret that. I mean, we spend every day in the office, but its not the same as going out and sitting somewhere and being forced to chat and make conversation. I can’t say I remember at all what we talked about, but I know it was pleasant and I recall laughing a bit.

That pain is still present in my shoulder/back. Its just a crick that will work its way out, but I still get annoyed by them. Speaking of things my body does that annoy me (don’t fear, this isn’t about bodilly fluids, sounds or smells).

I will admit that I have the very bad habbit of cracking joints, primarilly my knuckles. In addition to my knuckles, the following joints also crack: my elbows, knees, toes, ankles, neck, at least three points in my back and on rare occasion, my sternum. I will admit to forcing at least a few of those to crack just for the stupid teenage boy cool factor, others are a result of accidents, injuries or just wear and tear. I’ve tried to break the habbit in the past, but I just don’t have the will power to do so. I do, however, try to refrain from causing any more joints to crack, because once they crack, you never go back. Well, the other day, my wrists hurt, both of them. Not really hurt, per se, but were just stiff and achy (like my knuckles do right before I crack them. I started doing some stretches and excersizes I learned to prevent carpal tunnel and other repetitive stress injuries when both wrists, one right after the other cracked and relaxed. Now I can’t stop thinking about how good that felt. I guess that’s just one more to add to the list.

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Tuesday, August 16th, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 6 Comments

So now I’m a year older, congratulations, I didn’t die!

Anyway, it was a fairly good birthday. After about 4 hours of crazy busy work (I intended not to work at all yesterday, I just showed up for cake) I was told that I could go home at lunch and stay there. The cake (as a special comment to my friend and new LJ Buddy akvanecekAngela) was incredible. I almost felt bad taking a quarter of the thing home. I think Nur put it best when she said I was territorial about my food. I don’t deny it.

While we were home, heatherejcHeather said I could open my presents. She got me the last book in the series I’ve been reading, the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory soundtrack, and a new keychain multitool that I, unfortunately, hated as soon as I got it out of the package. To Heather’s defense, I loved it when it was in the package, in fact I pointed it out in the store and said “That’s the one I want” but as soon as I got it out of the blister pack and started trying to play with it, I realized it’s quality was very sub par. So I packed it back up as best I can, and got online and found the perfect keychain multitool. We went out on the town to find the exact gerber tool and found not a one. I then went home and promptly ordered it online. The nice thing is it was only $2 more than the one Heather bought for me. I don’t blame her, she did a great job.

I played some World of Warcraft as well, got my key to Dire Maul and did some mining. Now I just have to find out where in Dire Maul to start my major farming. We also rented Kung Fu Hustle (even though corwin75Steve was going to loan it to me today) and sat on the couch eating Blueberry Pie and watching REALLY cheesy chop saki.

I keep missing my brother’s phone call to wish me a happy birthday, but I know he’s thinking about me, he just needs to call at a better time.

oh, and I paid for my account for another year and found out that I can now have 100 userpics instead of just 50. I just don’t know what I’m going to do with myself.

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Thursday, August 4th, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 4 Comments

Last minute announcement. Since this is not a movie night this week, I’ve had a request to show the Family Guy movie at the house. It’s not official or anything, but if you wanna stop by tomorrow, we’re gonna play it no matter who shows up.

but if you come, you’ll know what my newest LJ Userpic is all about!

Edit: Crap, I forgot I was gonna go drinkning with a friend tomorrow night… so I guess if we want to watch Family Guy, it will have to be Saturday or something.


Monday, July 11th, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 6 Comments

Well, as seems to be the most popular way to update journals, it’s Monday and I feel like writing about what I did this weekend.

Friday was pretty uneventful, but in a good way. Heather and I had a nice dinner, watched some movies and TV and I played a little WoW. Finally got my Horde character into the double digits and got to spend that first talent point. Also got absorbed into the new guild, so I am no longer a Crimson Eye, I’m now a Maleficient. I noticed that these guilds are a lot more active and effective and not just a social gathering. I need to figure out how to instill those ideas into the Silver Talons.

Saturday, we went to the Movie Tavern for spazzy444‘s birthday. We saw the Fantasic Four, and while Heather and I would probably have enjoyed Batman Begins a bit more, we still had a good time and the movie was pretty fun. I thought the food was fairly good and for $30 we got two tickets, an appetizer, two meals, two drinks and a dessert. I don’t think two people can go on a cheaper “dinner and a movie date” anywhere. zero_interrupt and I got this 82oz, self cooled tower of beer, too. It was a bit tough to pour up drinks in the dark (we could have left it up on the table/bar area which is dimly lit, but then we wouldnt’ have been able to see half the screen, so we put it on the floor) but it was really different to have beer in the theatre. It was $13 for whole 82 oz and we weren’t able to finish it during the movie. You can also get a 38oz mug of beer for $12 but that breaks down to $7 for the mug and $5 for the beer. The cool thing is, you can keep the mug and come back again and fill it up for $5 every time you see a movie. How cool is that? I’ll have to determine if Heather and I will be going with any kind of frequency before I invest my $7 though.

I had just enough time to get home, get my stuff, and head back out to go to Steve’s D&D game – which went well. We got to do some investigating, some killing, some more climbing (ugh) and made off with some pretty decent booty. Steve did, however, remember why he doesn’t run pre-written modules and next time we will be back in the City, following some original stories of death and intrigue in the city of towers.

Sunday I worked on my D&D setting. Yeah, you have to go pretty far back in my past journal entries to find the last time I said that. I think I’ve finally got myself a method that works for development. Its a bit more chaotic than my previous attempts, but at the same time more organized. I’m defintely further along than I ever have been before. Speaking of which, I have more to plan for the setting.

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Friday, July 8th, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 2 Comments

I might not be on LJ tomorrow, so I should put this here now.

Happy Birthday spazzy444

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Monday, July 4th, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 14 Comments

Twas a good party, fun and drink abound. I can say for certain that its difficult to type write now, almost as difficult as it is to speak. Not as big a turn out as we expected, but still a fair group. I have to say it was nice to see Amy, Derek and the kids there. I am genuninely jealous of Amy with Willy, Brandon and Tommy. I know we just want one, but if they’re half as nice as any of her three, we’ll be ahead of most peope these days.

orosCraig was trying to make some cherry cheesecake shots and got really close. The first one I drank, while it didn’t win out on the first taste, definitely tasted right after a few minutes of resting. The second one, well, I was too drunk to really tell, so no real judgement there. Either way, it was tasty. The night started to wrap up when Nick had to be carried out to the car and Craig passed out on his bed… though we did all sneak into his room to play the MahNumMahNuh song in his ear from my phone and even nearly passed out, he did the little dance.

We all watched Willie play some more Gauntlet before we realized that we were watching a kid play video games and that’s a sign that we should give up for the night.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July, everybody. Be sure to have fun, but don’t blow yourselves up.

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Sunday, July 3rd, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 2 Comments

“A strange piece of cheese.”

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Friday, July 1st, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 7 Comments

So, Heather and I have still been really bad about our excersize routines, in that we don’t stick to a schedule very well. We’re supposed to go three times a week, but we’re lucky if we go twice. And unfortunately, our excuse is usually laziness. At any rate, we went last night and I felt good about it… it didn’t feel like a chore, it felt good. I was a little sick when I was done, but I still felt good, even when I got home. I just wish I could quit yawning at the gym. What’s up with that.

We finished MI-5 season one last night. Stupid cliffhanger. I had to go to the website and look up a spoiler from season two just to be able to relax afterwards. Thought about playing some World of Warcraft, but I made cookies instead (actually we watched MI-5 after I made cookies, but who cares, right). I used to bake a lot more cookies, but I’ve been lazy lately. Made these cool carrot cookies. They’re a bit like flat bran muffins, but not really. I was amazed that at the end of a desperate month, we had every ingredient in the right quantity already in the house to make them by the book. I didn’t have to fudge anything. I also used Heather’s wierd rubber non-stick mat, and it really works, it’s really non-stick. I don’t get it. I put this thing down on the table at one point while I monkeyed with some stuff, and when I picked it up, everything on the table was stuck to it. But when I baked cookies on it, the just fell right off. Amazing!

So, tonight is movie night and I’m having a twitch at the back of my neck that it’s going to be a low show night. I really want to watch 50 First Dates and I think I’m just going to have to give in and watch it with a small crowd, even though I think most of our regulars would really enjoy it. They just can’t get past the fact that it’s an Adam Sandler movie. OF course, I’ve also been dying to see Ravenous again, also. I’m fairly certina blu3warri0r‘s wife will dig it… and I’ve just been in the mood since I’ve been listening to Damon Albarn music lately.

Wow, I’ve been here almost an hour and I’ve gotten no email and no new posts on Livejournal. It must be time to find something else to distract myself with.

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Monday, June 27th, 2005 | LiveJournal Archives | 2 Comments

Okay, so now I’m out of the lab and the blind spot has faded – so I’m doing better.

This weekend was pretty passable. Nothing amazing happened and I didn’t feel like the weekend was nearly long enough. I played a lot of WoW – I mean a lot. The big thing on Sunday was starting a new priest character with the specific intent on starting a new guild dedicated solely to priests. I got so sick of waiting to start a raid because we needed a priest, I thought I’d just start a guild that does nothing but collect priests and encourage people to create priest Alts to join. So I spent the day getting my new priest up to lvl 10 and buying the guild charter. Now I just need 7 more people to sign the charter for me.

We took the dogs to PetSmart to buy them food yesterday. I’m not exactly sure why, taking them out is such a hassle that it should be more of an adventure and not just a quick errand, but Heather insisted. Knight had never ridden in Heather’s car before and he leapt all the way across the car when he jumped in. He actually jumped from my side of the car into Heather’s lap. He seemed very confused when he landed. While we were at PetSmart, I started looking at the big 5 gallon watering stations and ended up buying a slightly cheaper 2.75 gallon water station for them. They have this bowl which is not exactly small that they drink from and you pretty much have to fill it up as soon as the finish drinking because the two of them can empty it together. I will be the first to admit that I’m no good at giving my dogs water, so I thought this would be a bit better. It takes longer to fill up, but I don’t have to fill it up as often.

We watched four episodes of Firefly with starburstlvr, blu3warri0r, and his wife on Friday (zero_interrupt and spazzy444 showed up too). I think they’re all hooked and we’ll probably do it again next week. Remember, this week is Movie Night. Picture up at 7:45 as usual.

Anyway, I’m bored, but not bored enough to keep rambling.

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