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I really enjoy shopping for gifts and, unfortunately, tend to go overboard a lot. I love to give people things and as a result, spend more money than I usually want to on them. I was bidding on my dad’s gift on ebay and in the last 5 minutes, someone started upping my bid like crazy. I went about $11 over what I wanted to spend, but it is his birthday and christmas all at once, and I’ve been kind of lazy in the last few years so I hope he enjoys it.

Heather, this is about your gift, but there are no real spoilers, read at your own risk

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I’m only working 6 hours this week!

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Well, yesterday was MLK Day, today my Dad’s coming down to visit (he’s here on business, but has the afternoon off), and tomorrow I leave for Indiana and Winter Fantasy!

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From my Old Clié Journals

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The reunion overall was really nice though, the best part I think, was the Close family reunion. We had pretty much all but one Close together in one house. Mom and Dad, Chris and Theresa, Jeremy and Christy, Rusty, Heather and myself were all in one cabin. Seeing Tom-Henry and Angelita is always nice too. We got to see Viki again and actually met her husband and daughter too. As I said, all nice people.

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Christmas in Virginia – From my Old Clié Journals

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Day 1:
We left Denton on Dec. 18 and headed out to Virginia via Atlanta to see an old highschool friend of mine.

After Heather recalculated the trip time, we realized that our 11 hour trip was really a 13 hour trip and that we would be getting into Atlanta much later that we had ever anticipated. Jen still came out to see us even though we didn’t get into the hotel until after 10:00.

Unfortunately getting in that late we were up very late talking when Jen finally got to the hotel (she got lost on the way). We didn’t get to bed until 2:00 that night, which is pretty late to be going to bed when you have a 8 hour drive ahead of you the next morning.

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