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I really enjoy shopping for gifts and, unfortunately, tend to go overboard a lot. I love to give people things and as a result, spend more money than I usually want to on them. I was bidding on my dad’s gift on ebay and in the last 5 minutes, someone started upping my bid like crazy. I went about $11 over what I wanted to spend, but it is his birthday and christmas all at once, and I’ve been kind of lazy in the last few years so I hope he enjoys it.

I also finally convinced the people who were selling heather’s birthday present to end the auction early and let me just have it for their reserve price. At least I hope I convinced them of it because I paid them. In the email, they insisted that I pay within 48 hours or they would relist it, well, I’m not one to wait until the last minute so I paid right away. They said they would end the auction after I paid for it. That seems a little backwards to me, but as long as I get the item, that’s all that matters. Now as long as they ship it fast enough to get here in time.

So now I’m sitting in the lab, once again wondering if I’ll have the energy, comfort and focus to paint when I get home. God what I wouldn’t give to just have free time while the sun is up. It sucks leaving for work as the sun just crests the horizon and getting home as dusk is falling. That’s the one thing I really hate about winter. Everything else about winter – the color of the sky, the wind, the crisp air, the smell of fireplaces smoking – I love it all. It’s just the whole working through every hour of sunlight in the day and only being home when it’s dark out. Yeah, I think I’d go crazy in those areas of the world where it can actually be night for dark for days at a time.

I didin’t get a chance to scan it, but now I’ve apparently been imortalized in a political cartoon of sorts. People have a problem with me being authoritative in the lab (hmm, I’m the lab manager, the primary authority in the lab, wonder why I would be authoritative) and have started making satirical signs, now incorporating cartoon images of me (quite accurate in my opinion, even). I was going to scan the image and use it as an additional icon, but I didn’t get it scanned while I was in the office. Maybe I’ll get it up tomorrow. I’ll use it as my standard icon for lab rants. How’s that for turnabout being fair play.

Edit 11/19/03
I’ve scanned the sign and it is now the icon for this, and future lab rants.

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