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So all of a sudden my account management page on TextAmerica is asking if I want upgrade, which I’d considered, but I don’t know if I can afford $6 a month even though I’m completely loving the service. I’ll definitely going to have to consider it, but at the same time, I’m still paying for the PDA. What I’m wondering more is if there’s a limit to the number of photos you can have on your MoBlog before you’re required to pay. It says the pay account has 100 MBs of storage, what does the free account have? I can’t seem to find where it says how much space you get for free.

I mean the main impetus to move to a paid account is to get rid of the ads, but they’re just Google text ads and they don’t bug me at all. It’d be a little cooler if they had anything at all to do with my journal at all. I don’t remember posting anything about long distance phone calls.

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I don’t know what to think. I know I shouldn’t take it seriously, but I reach out to touch her hand, she doesn’t reach back because she has a cat on her. I give up on trying to find something to watch on TV, so I put the remote on the edge of her couch and she immediately disrupts the cat to grab the remote. I’m trying to figure out where I stand between the cat and the remote.

Anyway, that’s just my paranoia I guess, but I certainly see them as mixed signals.

Crap, I was going to stop thinking about that.

So I’m in bed watching Nip/Tuck, a show I just got into last week when they started the season over again from the two hour premiere. It’s really interesting and a bit wierd, just the way I like things. I’m trying to think to myself what I want to do with the game tomorrow. It’ll be the first real session and I’m not exactly sure what the opening game plan is going to be. It’s like writing, sometimes the beginning is the hardest part. Unfortunately, unlike writing, if the beginning is giving you hell, you can’t skip to the middle and go back later and clean up. Well, I guess you could but that’d be a pretty fucked up game (I’ll have to keep that in mind, a game that runs out of order, each session or at least each plot is at a completely different time, forward or backward). Anyway, I’ve never run a Spycraft game before, so I’m a little off my mark on how to initate the first session. I guess we’ll see how it goes tomorrow night.

Damn, I hate non-ergonomic keyboards, I miss a lot of keys and have to go back and forth in my typing a lot, but hey, what fucking laptop could possibly have an ergonomic keyboard.

Hmmm, a lot of sex in this show, maybe watching it isn’t such a good idea…

My day has been ruined.

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Morgan Webb tells America that she not posing for Playboy

Well, it’s official — for now — Morgan Webb has announced to the public, while appearing on TechTV’s Unscrewed (hosted by Martin Sargent), that she will not be posing nude for Playboy, not even at the suggestion of Martin Sargent.
Way to go, Morgan!

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I like variety

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I created a bunch of new links on my actualy journal page. I know no one is going to use them, but they’re all different ways of viewing my journals. There’s the over-hyped “MoBlog as an LJ Feed,” the new and improved “Blog and MoBLog Feed Together,” and finally, the newly created “LJ Blog in “Portable” format” for all you portable web browser people (PDA’s, Cell phones, really old crappy computers…).

Anyway, that’s a sign of my boredom.

I’ve also updated two more Agents on my Spycraft page.

Whatever… I’m going to pick my nose now, that should entertain me for a few minutes.

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Photo Journal #4 – Late but just as good

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I think this is the bastard that couldn’t help me with my Wireless router problems, but kept me on the phone for hours and hours on end. I’m sure Outsourcing is good for someone’s economy, but it sure isn’t any good for mine (or my sanity).

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