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I feel like I’m going to throw up.

I got the lenses and camera I bought (and paid more money than I have) on eBay and it turns out that for some reason or another, the one lens that I bought the entire package for doesn’t work. At first I thought maybe I was an idiot and the lens was not compatible with my camera, but I’ve found numerous sources saying that its an “ok” lens (which I knew already) and that it’s not a bad choice for the Rebel XT 350D.

So now I have to figure out if the lens was bad before I got it and if I need to get my money back from the guy who sold it to me, or the post office. Either way, I’ve very disapointed.

At least I got my new camera bag which is awesome and should hold all these lenses that don’t do me a bit of good. :/

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