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I’m beginning to think Friday isn’t soon enough to get drunk. Someone needs to come over to my house with a 12 pack of beer (Shiner or Ziegen please) and just hang out and drink until I don’t care anymore.

Sure, video games or movies are fine… but mostly the drinking.

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I’m beginning to think drinking or ignoring people completely is the only way of dealing with this time of year.

Hope you get your beers. 🙂

things got better once I finally left work, an hour and a half late… running on the arctrainer for 30 minutes really helped though… and chicken fried rice helped even more.

the holidays aren’t the problem… if that’s what you mean.

it’s finals and the projects they bring… and I’m not even a student anymore. I think finals stress me out more than the they do the students.

I got a 30 minute run on a treadmill though, and that felt pretty good.

lessee, if you can make it to Muncie, it’s left at the first light, right at the second, onto the interstate, 57, 55, 40, 30, right onto 380 and you’re practically there.

kinda, only I’m spending all my money on Heather and she’s already spent all her money on me… looks like I’m booting Kazaa tomorrow because it’s going to be months before this disk shows up on MusicMatch store.

Oh my god, I so hear you. After my fun near run-on with a car, I want about 18 beers. Myself. Someone would have to bring a case or 12 if they wanted to make sure they got any beer.

okay, maybe my day wasn’t that bad… but I certainly had a lot of run-on’s with a lot of people yesterday. I thought today would be better, but I’ve already had a fight with my wife about something that barely concerns either of us and it’s not even 9am.

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