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Holy Crap

Its been a long month since I’ve really written in this journal and if you’ve been dying for my words of wisdom and tales of medicre life, well, you’ve got a pretty sad life.

Either way, I’m dedicated to making a good post today at least. First off, and the biggest news that I’ve already really announced, I finished my Novel. If you have no friggin clue what I’m talking about, then go to for more information. You can also go to kaceywrites for more details on my novel in specific. Needless to say, it was quite an adventure and I feel very good about having done it. I finished the novel in a scant 23 days. I think if I had planned more out in October it would have been faster, but I don’t think it would have been as fun. I liked the fact that I was writing with little idea as to where everything was going. I would discover some of the strangest things about the story and characters as I went along (huh, what do you know, he carries a gun… why does he carry a gun? oh, because he’s an ex-cop).

I plan to do a lot of editing and rewriting in December. If you want to read what I wrote, please let me know in January. For those of you like me who have a memory that doesn’t last more than a couple of minutes into the future, well, I’ll probably be gushing on about the rewrites and availability here in a month or so.

I’ve discovered a couple of new badass shows. Long Way Round is one of my favorites. I’ve become very addicted to watching Ewan and Charlie motor across the world on their BMWs. It makes me long for my own adventure. I kind of think that’s part of the reason I took on NaNo, because it was a kind of adventure that didn’t really cost anything and I could stay at home the whole time. Recently though, I’ve put a fair amount of thought into what I’d want to do if the opportunity to go on an adventure were presented to me. There’s another show on that I’ve only seen half of one episode, called No Opportunity Wasted. I tried to think of what I would submit to them as my adventure. The one thing that keeps coming back to me is cycling across the country. When I was in High School, I dreamed of after college, saving up money and walking across the country, doing odd jobs to make ends meet and really just buming my way around from one ocean to the other. That’s pretty much blown, but I know I can ride a pretty consistent 12 miles an hour, at 8 hours a day thats 72 miles a day (being generous, say if I were to prepare for a couple of months). A ride from New London, CT (a fond starting location) to San Diego, CA would take upwards of 45 days. Not too shabby I guess. better than the 150 days or watever for Ewan and Charlie to ride around the world. Regardless, it’s probably not going to happen, but I would definitely want Heather in one of my support vehincles. It madness really.

Work’s been interesting lately, school got hacked, had to come up here late on the day after Thanksgiving (don’t hackers take vacations!). Which reminds me, I didn’t get to go home for Thanksgiving either. Anyway, Craig and I came up here Friday of the four day weekend and pulled the plug on seventeen computers. Not fun. Make me want to punch people in the face. While I was up here, when I was over at Oak Street, I saw no less than three cars going the wrong way on one way streets. What’s up with that? Fuckin’ lost drunk motherfuckers.

Speaking of Lost, that’s one of my other TV obsessions right now… it’s doing a good job of filling in the 24 void. Though 24 is supposed to be back in January, and early reports are that it’s going to be amazing. So I’ve been watching a fair amount of TV lately, but still less than I used to. I am still a firm supporter of the DVR revolution, especially TIVO or Replay TV. They do such an amazing job of watching TV for me and letting me watch on the good stuff. My TV watching is more efficient and get more time outside of TV now. The only down side is if you feel lazy and couch-potatoey two days in a row, you can kind of run out of TV to watch. But then that’s where good ol’ Netflix comes in. Oh yeah, and don’t watch Torque unless you get it for free. Yeesh.

I rented some games over the four day weekend I spent at home alone with the dogs and the cats (Heather still went to see her family). I rented Fable, Halo2, and Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude. LSL was fun for about 36 hours (not in a row, but pretty damn close). Amusing and perverted. Just what I needed to make it through the first night alone at home. I found out that it’s tough to go to an empty bed the first time alone in a long time. I played until the sun came up and then decided it would be best to sleep before going over to Jenn and Steve’s for Thanksgiving Dinner. Jenn cooked up some good food for the people left in Denton for the holiday and it was really a good time. We watched little parts of horrible movies, played a great game of Cranium (which Proxy-Heather and I won!) and then the four men-folk retired to the nursery to play some H2 multi. Just that little bit of Multi convinced me to go and fetch the game the next day when I went shopping for Heather’s birthday present so I am now the proud owner of a bouncing baby Halo2.

I wouldn’t really regret it if not for the fact that after buying Halo2, I played Fable non-stop to get my renter’s worth out of it and decided that maybe I made the wrong splurge-decision. I really liked Fable, I love morality games (like KOTOR) where your decisions mold the characters almost more than your stats. I liked being able to decide who lived and who died just by the mood I was in. Unlike KOTOR, you can hit, punch, attack and kill anyone at all (except plot characters, then you can do all of the above except kill, at least not until their plotted demise is made available to you, then you can kill them or let them live in suffering). My favorite power was this Force Wall. which basically ejected from you a sphere of force that knocked everyone and everything away from you with damage. It was fun running in to save peasants from attacking raiders, using the power, blasting both peasant and raider alike to the ground and then gaining equal good and evil points for attacking both. *insert evil cackle*

So now I’m looking for Fable for sale around the $20 range, or for extended borrow. If you got the hook up, hook a brutha up.

Anyway, it’s been good so far today, best day since coming back from break I’d say. Getting back into the routine both at work and at the rec center. Should be back up to speed just in time for the christmas break. Now if only my plotter paper would get here.

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4 replies on “Holy Crap”

1) Love Lost.
2) I record lots of movies from tbs and shit and so always have a plethora of tv to watch, just no time.

3) Loved the kitty pic!!!

When do you want your beer? I’m slowly getting booked for beer nights.

I talked to heather last night, she said next friday is great if you’re not already booked. Remember, I have a free burger and fries for you to say thanks.

I think I’m going to start editing, if not tomorrow, next week. the lab should start getting quiet again as classes come to an end, and I expect the heavy editing to happen over break. I promise a readable copy by January.

And yes, Free Burger and fries, you deserve it!

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