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Why do I do this to myself. I had all day to get my words in. I was home by 3:00 and yet I didn’t start seriiously writing until 11:00 or later.

I guess maybe I needed a break from work, NaNo, and everything else in between, but still, now I’m struggling to get my words out and my eyes are already glazing over. I could do it if I didn’t care at all about what I was writing, but even though I’ve learned to accept that I’m writing crap, I still want to put forth effort.

Argh… I guess I am my own Sadist to my internal Masochist.

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That’s exactly how I’ve felt about NaNo for two days now, and so I’m dreadfully behind, and I missed the meet-up at Chopsticks because I’m lame or too busy doing everything in the world except for writing this stupid novel.

I started a new screenplay. Who starts a new project halfway through NaNoWriMo when they’re already behind? And I’m already behind. Dreadfully behind. This weekend was my catch-up time, and here it is 6pm on Saturday and I’ve done nothing today and I think that my story’s lame, but it wouldn’t be lame if I didn’t try to give it a happy ending, but the alternate ending is REALLY unhappy, but a lot more realistic, and aaaaah!

So… yeah. I know where you’re coming from.

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