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I’m sick, I’m taking a break from writing, and everyone else is doing it… so here it is.

I made a Quiz for you! Take my Quiz! and then Check out the Scoreboard!

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I failed miserably. *Sigh*

BTW, I lived in Providence, RI for seven years. What do I miss about New England? The history. The old pretty houses and steep, winding streets.

I made a quiz myself for all my friends and family! So fun! You’ve hooked me now.

Not bad considering I was guessing… I will have to make one too. BTW, didn’t know you gamed. Do you have a group around here? My hubby and I love to game but haven’t been part of a group in a while.

But you know all those random, useless pieces of trivia now… can you say you know me better? It’s all just a waste of time, so if you were entertained, then you passed with flying colors.

Yeah, I miss the History, too. Not just the houses and the architecture though, but the land. The land there is older, what with its jagged surfaces, torn up by a past ice age, etc.

I think that’s why my Novel is taking place there.

No kidding! 8 out of 10!!!

You did as well as my wife and you’ve never even met me.

Yeah, I game, but not this month. Actually, it’s been a long time since I’ve been in a regular game… I’ve been jonesin’ though. I’m gonna be looking for something to play/run come December.

Wow, bombed the quiz worse than heather’s. Hehe, so now the interest lies in which questions did heather miss? 😉

Ah well, just wait till my quiz. You will all learn what true ‘quizing’ is then! Mwuhahaha

I play D&D and other D20 based games. Up until NaNo , I was running a Spycraft game. My system of choice, however is White Wolf and the release of the new WoD system has me very excited.

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