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500 words left… eyes starting to cross.

Why couldn’t I be an insomniac.

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I have a job that is relaxed enough that I could write, and I am stationed in front of a computer all day, but the environment just isn’t right.

I put out 1000+ words at work the first two days of NaNo and failed to get a single one out before coming home since then.

Maybe I am. Maybe I’ve been putting out 500-700 words a night for a while now and I’m just about to finish it. Maybe its gonna be so good, I have to buy a novelty hat to express just how good it is.

Or I’m reading the paper and eating Cooler Ranch Doritos.

You made the right call. And that was one of the funniest bits on that show ever. Maybe I’ll give up on the Goonies 2 script and dig something out of the old idea file. After the paper.

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