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well, apparenly I’m maried to:

and as far as I can tell by the other options… thats about as close as it’s gonna get.

I take that back, she may be more of a Indie Girl.

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Yeah, my wife is a Progressive Girl too. I think that seems to be a category allowing the most possible. All the others seemed pretty specific. But now I’ll have to get her to take it and see if she comes up as that when she answers for herself.

Of course, expecting any kind of solid technical data from an on line quiz would in fact be a laughable thing. But that’s why we enjoy them so much, right? 😉

I’m a hybrid between the Girl-next-door and the Indie Girl. Yikes. I start my sentences with “My mother always says…” AND “You know, that one episode of the Simpsons…” I totally agree with the High-Fidelity quote, but I also enjoy making cookies for my boyfriend and getting together with my family a lot. Help?

It’s one of those things.. if you look hard enough at a list of precepts, you’re bound to find yourself.

there was this one a few months ago where you looked at this list of months and read the list of qualities attributed to your birth month and checked to see how many were right. Peopel were amazed, but when I started reading all the months, I was pretty even across the board.

Then again, maybe I’m a freak.

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