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Hooray, it’s Friday!

It’s the weekend tomorrow and I have no plans or ideas on what I’m going to do with it. Probably waste it like every weekend. Its supposed to rain so more than likely I’ll hermit in the house and read, watch TV and play City of Heroes. Maybe I can get enough people online to do that damn mission I can’t seem to finish with Kher-Minu. Though, I have to be honest, I most want to be able to do it with corwin75, but since he should be busy by Saturday (I hope, if all goes well), I doubt that he’ll be on. I’ll just have to keep my eye out for blu3warri0r.

Anyhoo, I had to work late again last night so I didn’t make it to the rec center but I WILL go today. Though it’s supposed to rain this evening so I may not go to Critical Mass afterwards like I had planned. I like riding and all, but riding in the rain sucks. I left my bike here yesterday specifically so I could go to Critical Mass a see how I feel meeting 30 new people, but if it’s gonna rain, I’ll have to wait until next month, even if it would imply that I could meet less than 30 people today because most would be chased off by the rain. Fuck it.

Damn I love my Nomad. It’s one of the best purchases I’ve ever made, and even with all the newer, cooler models out there, I still love mine. It’s got over 10,000 songs on it and still has almost 14GBs of free space. I can use it as an MP3 server and access it from anywhere over the internet (and you can too if I trust you enough to give you the access link and password – can’t hurt to ask, right?). I can carry it with me and if I can get the replacement car stereo I want, I’ll be able to listen to it in my car as well. It has a great battery life (like 8-12 hours of constant play time) and, well, it’s just damn cool. I mean there are a couple of things that would be nice if they worked better, but I’ve never regretted buying it. Screw Ipod, I’m a hermit with a Nomad!

This week’s been kinda wierd I guess. Steve is gone as of Thursday for Paternity leave and Kiki is now working full time for us (well, full time = Tues/Thurs 8 hours). The lab has been pretty good and what hasn’t worked lately, I’ve been fortunate in being able to fix to some degree. I’ve felt more productive and accomplished in there than I have in a while. I finally found the solution to an application not running from even before the semester started and found a workable work-around to a recurring, but not consistent printing problem.

I just discovered some cooler features in Mozilla and as soon as I updated to FireFox, they went away. Fortunately, I found a source that tole me how to re-enable it, though I’m not sure it works because I haven’t seen it happen since I upgraded. We’ll see I guess. I won’t miss the feature, but it sure was nice.


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the coolest one was you could get your toolbar bookmarks (also known as personal toolbar) to periodically look for updates to pages and inform you when they update. I turned it on and it actually told me when my friends page updated. Then I updated to the latest version of Firefox and it went away. So I only used it for like 5 minutes, but it seemed really cool.

There were a lot of configuration options to it as well, such as what days and times to actually look, how often, multiple notification options such as pop-up, sound effect, open tab, etc.

Like I said above, there was an extension that claimed to re-enable it, but that doesn’t seem to work. Good thing I didn’t fall in love with it.

So which char do I need to bring? Warrior Blue and Speed Bump are both lvl 10 now. Or I’ve got a lvl 4 Mut/Blaster (Fire/Ice) who I can probably get up to a decent level. 😉 Have to see how much time I can play tonight. Although what’s Kher up to? I may need to level one of the 10’s up. 😉

Kher’s up to 12, and really, it’s a long mission, but not overly hard… Well, not as far as we’ve made it in the first two attempts. Be prepared for a marathon and we may want to do it Saturday since I may not even get on tonight.

If we can get two or three other people it’d be even better.

Sorry, didn’t mean to not include you, it’s just I’ve done 90% of my hollows mission with either Sean or Steve. It was just habit to look for one of the two of them.

Haven’t seen you on myself in a while.

Yeah, we probably just don’t know the right characters to look for anymore… My list has grown too: Winter Heart, Releef, Mixed Metaphor, and Desert Winds (+ the 2 that i dont play anymore…) Its hard to remember to add every charater to every one of your characters…there needs to be a better way to keep up with your friends. Maybe i’ll post a suggestion…

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