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bored bored bored bored

I’m stuck in the lab for 30-howevermany minutes wanting to go back and finish up the long ass mission that Steve and I were working on. It’s been freakishly long and we don’t have that much time to play, so the chances of us finishing it are pretty nil at this point. I just don’t want to have to start it all over again because it’s so grueling. Also, I don’t know when I’m going to be able to play with Steve again, so I’d like to finish this with him before he logs off for who knows how long.

Tonight Heather and I are working out and I don’t feel like I’ve drank enough water to balance out the huge piece of cake I ate. I’m also afraid that if steve and I try to finish this mission, we’ll be running late and I hate going to the rec center late because it means we leave late, which means we get home late, which makes me feel like I just lost part of the day.

Oh well, it’s not all that bad… I’m just bored and don’t have anything better to write about.

We watched The Girl Next Door last night. it was a lot more redeemable as a movie than I expected. I expected a madcap, rauccus comedy, but I got a movie with humor and heart – and porn stars.

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