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So Knight’s been really bad about eating his food lately… as in he hasn’t been. We’d feed him in the evening like normal and he’d look at it, push it around with his nose as if looking for something and walk away. I tried to tempt him by pouring some bacon drippings on it, but he just kind of licked the bacon grease off some of the pieces and walked away. This however, made it much more difficult to keep Ia from eating his dinner for him, so I had to start locking his food in his cage so he could eat it when he was in there alone. Anyway, we were trying to figure out what was going on with him as he wasn’t showing any other signs of illness of discomfort. His poop was fine, he was happy, he didn’t suffer any pain anywhere on his body (we gave him a bath the other day and he got rubbed all over and definitely enjoyed it), nor has he been crying or whining any more than normal (he whines when the cats won’t play with him – which is whenever he can see them). We hadn’t changed his diet any, we bought the same brand of food, but then we started thinking how that brand comes in four different flavors (Original, Beef, Chicken, and Lamb) and we’ve always just grabbed one randomly, thinking the dogs would appreciate that. But apparently, we’d never grabbed Lamb before because I’m pretty sure that’s what we picked up this last time. When Heather went to get cat food yesterday, she picked up a small bag of Original flavor for Knight and he scarfed it down like he hadn’t eaten in a week (which was kind of true). So I guess we’ll either have to never get him Lamb again, or always get Original. I think we’ll probably try out the other two flavors just to test him and see, I’d still like them to have a variety, but apparently Knight likes the sheepies too much to eat them.

So now he watches TV and is a selective eater. Maybe he saw a show on Animal Planet about sheep.

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im glad hes eating good now i feed my cat the cheep stuff and he srikes on eating when i get him the better stuff. oh well i try to treat him… but my kitty busts open the treats and eats all of the bag at once wheni buy the pounce mater where i put it he will find it!

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