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I’m starting to get the feeling its going to be one of those days.

I have a meeting at 10:00 that usually lasts until almost noon. I have two interviews this afternoon, and the printers and servers are already acting up. I’ve got people standing here antsy to go to class, waiting on the color printer that I’m doing every thing I can to get to print something, anything. Yup. it’s gonna be one of those days. I wanted some time to look up potential questionaires for the interviews because I’ve grown to hate my own questions. I want questions that provoke the applicatns to speak and think rather than deliver canned answers.

Ugh. I had to tell one for my most common patrons a simple and basic printing policy. I don’t mind telling people I don’t know that they’re doing something wrong, but telling people I do know, people I had classes with way back when is harder some how. It should be easier, but it’s not.

I’m supposed to run Spycraft tonight but I haven’t prepared a story, and more importantly I didn’t provide the players with a dossier ahead of time, so the game session would mostly be prep and purchasing, so I think tonight will instead be “welcome to CoH blu3warri0r night.” I’ll be passing the word shortly. Though, I have to say, it’d be cool if we could all be in the same room or something, but I doubt people are going to want to pack up their computers to do a pseudo Lan Party for an MMORPG that we can all play together from home anyway. But sometimes it is nice to have everyone together. If you guys are reading this, you’re more than welcome to bring over your comps and all play at my house tonight. I’ll chip in and we’ll buy a pizza or something. Otherwise, it’s gonna be me, sitting my myself in my room playing. Which is normal, but I’m in the mood for something different.

Hell, I just got $50. I’ll buy the pizza if you guys lug your machines over and have a Welcome to Paragon City Party!

Maybe I should use corwin75‘s talent for last minute organization to make this so. Corwin, you have been assigned your task.

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I probably wont be lugging my comp over there. Its too damn heavy and my monitor is heavy as well. But I will probably see you online. I have a lowbie tanker named Sehk’met or Sekh’met. Look for me, or look for Huuh and I will switch over.

It is confirmed that I know am the proud owner of CoH! w00t! I’ll get it installed and be on around 6:30ish.

I already talked to and he knows I won’t be traveling over to his house with comp in tow. My desk’s current state of entropy prevents the movement of sensitive equipment. However I will bring Blue Warrior the Tank to the Triumph server. We’ll see how close to that actual name I can get.

“Blue Warrior fears nothing….that he can run away from.” 😉

Sorry, we started late and I missed your call and your entry. I looked for most of your characters, but didn’t see them. I plan to be on a lot today, so.

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