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I still have Gmail invites if anyone wants them.

but it looks like they’re getting harder and harder to give away.

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Gmail is Google’s new email system that is similar, yet far superior to Hotmail or YahooMail.

Rather than 4MB of space, you got 1GB of space (1000MB). Instead of folders, you use labels, of which multpled can pe applied to a single email, so it’d be like putting the same email in multiple folders.

It incorporates Googles search engine to search your mail, so it’s very complete and intuitive.

Since it’s so big, you don’t really NEED to delete old mail, just archive it. You never know when you’re going to want to see that junk mail again.

Speaking of which, it has it’s own spam filter, but since this is a new account for me, I don’t know how well it works as spammers haven’t learned of this address yet.

I have 3 invites left, so if you want one, just let me know.

maybe so… either way. I got my named address as I wanted (well, I’d rather have had 5 characters than 6, but what can ya do?) and I’ve gotten most of my email moved over.

Life is good, I’m just trying to share it.

I finally found someone to give one away too, and I was a day too late in asking if she wanted it. She had just paid money to upgrade her Hotmail account two days ago.

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