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Well, Classroom Orientation numero uno is done and I only have two more today.

Unfortunately one is at 6:00 tonight so I won’t be able to go to the rec center this afternoon. I feel like I need it though, my back is a bit achy and I need the movement of the torso rotation machine. I never realized how good the workouts would feel after I’d gotten into them though. I mean it’s still really easy to skip, I’m not like uber dedicated to that way of life yet, but I feel better for going and I feel a sense of accomplishment when I’m done. I find that I stand taller and straighter now than I did before, even though I can see any physical changes. I’ve been going for, I think, almost two months now, but I’ve lost track. I need to make a note as to when I started so I can keep track, but for the most part I’ve gone pretty regularly. there was the week that it was closed and I actually took 14 days off (mostly because of days I normally wouldn’t go bookending the days the rec center was closed). For the most part though, I’ve been pretty consistent. The same is true of my cycling, even though I’m really only riding about 4.5 miles, two days a week, it’s still refreshing and a positive experience…

oops, gotta go.

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