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Last night I rode home with my new hydration backpack for the first time. I could actually fit all my clothes, shoes and crap I carry with me every day in it, and it holds 2 liters of water. It wasn’t uncomfortable at all (not that I expected it to be, but it was more weight than I’ve carried while riding before) and was actually quite comfortable. Like any new bag though, I have to learn where everything goes. The only thing that bugged me even a little, was that the water bag (or bladder as it’s called) sweats a little since I put ice in it. That made some of the things I put in the larger compartment a little damp, but not so much that it was bad by any means. I went online to see if there were any accessories for the pack, but the web site seems to be suspiciously missing. I hope I didn’t get a really good deal on it because the company has gone out of business, not that I wouldn’t be able to replace the bladder and tube with any other hydration system since it’s not exceptionally custom to the backpack itself. Now if the backpack has problems, well, then I’m kinda screwed.

Anyway, the rec center was HELLA crowded yesterday. I’m hoping it’s still just all the people who just realized they have this free membership, but will realize next week, they don’t really want to work out. I saw a bunch of people kind of messing around, trying to figure out what everything was. I’m really counting on those being the people that realize that it’s called “working out” for a reason. Amazingly enough, I still got in and out in a pretty short amount of time. The ride home was fantastic. It was about 89° yesterday so it wasn’t the least bit sweltering and the breeze was really cool the whole time. I got to the last turn on my ride and turned the wrong way. Probably added about .25 to .5 miles to the trip. Drove by a faculty member’s house to see if I coudl catch him out in the yard. Wanted to talk to him about some stuff, but he wasn’t around. I got to talk to him this morning though, about his computer and his trip last week.

Last night we watched some TV and I got on City of Heroes. Played around with Furious Badger a bit, hadn’t played him in a while. He’s getting much stronger, but still pretty vulerable if things turn down the wrong road. Ran around with corwin75Tennessee Slim for a bit and when we finished a couple of missions, he logged off and I switched over to Mick Mannock, my fire blaster. I need to get him up to 14th so he can upgrade his hover to fly. Hover is just too damn slow, and after playing Furious Badger with his Fitness and his Soooooooooooper Leap, all modes of transportation are impatiently slow.

I’m looking forward to playing some more tonight, but after this loooong day, I don’t know if I’m going to be able to pry myself off the couch.

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