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Well, slowly but surely I’m restoring my data. Over night the Mac was able to pull all the data off the portable drive onto the local drive. Today has been the challenge of getting it from the Mac to the PC. Its going slow, but smoothly, thanks to our local networks. So soon, the only thing I’ll be struggling with, is where and how to retain all this data. I’d love to use my Nomad, but as I’ve said before, the Nomad doesn’t support reading files directly from the drive so I’m considering other options, but there are no cheap options, so I really think it’s going to be the Nomad or nothing. I’ve thought about network storage, but I don’t have any place on the network here that I can mount as a drive letter, otherwise I’d just keep it in my home folder on the University Network.

I found this thing on thats supposed to work really well. It’s basically a portable mp3 player enclosure that can be mounted as a drive the way I’d like, and for some absurd reason, includes a 9-in-1 card reader on the side as well. The interesting thing about it is it’s just the enclosure. It doesn’t come with a Hard Drive, so if for some reason I went that route, I’d just pull the HD out of the Nomad, and transfer it to this thing. The reviews, however were questionable and I have to admit, I’ve really grown attatched to my Nomad, regardless of it’s shortcomings. The fact that I can access it over the internet never ceases to amaze me.

So the debate goes on as to what to do with my recently liberated files. The debate that has ended however, is what will happen to the original drive:

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