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Holy Crap, look people… it’s copying files… they’re copying… from the bad hard drive to a mac.

Okay, so about Macs. I’ve never had a dislike for Mac’s. I just grew up on PCs. I used to have to type commands in DOS to play my games. I used to actually play Lotus 123 as a game. So I use a PC everyday. It used to be my excuse that I played a lot of PC games but in my old age and laziness, I’ve reverted mostly to playing console games so that’s not even a compelling reason anymore. So now, this Mac haunts me on my extended desk. I spend all day, every day, kicking my PC to make it go and keep it doing what I want, and the mac sits over there, taunting me in all it’s acrylic goodness. And every now and then, on a day like today, I decide to try to remedy a problem I’ve been suffering, be it a bad file, a server issue, what have you, and the Mac floats in like an angel descending form the clouds, handles the situation like it was born to do it, and then floats back into its corner, waiting for my resolve to break again. Damn you Mac, I’m supposed to be a PC person, but you save the day more and more.


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Yeah, I got a friend who whenever I start bitching about PC problems to (the most recent example being me somehow struck with the Sasser worm right as I upgraded to XP Pro) always types in “Mac” or “Macintosh.” Grr…

I use a PC because that’s what I’m comfortable with, damnit! It works with more stuff than Macs (viruses included, but I’m better about that now than I was before), but sometimes those damn things just like to wave and say “look what I can do for you.”

I feel your pain.

Yeah, it’s days like this that I’m glad I work in a department that has a heavy Mac use. It justifies me having one here at my desk for these emergency situations. It’s just sometimes I wonder if I would rather have one at home.

It’s started to be that all I use it for there is money management, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word and Internet.

Well, I work ina Mac/PC lab so I can get whatever I need whenever I need to. I just sometimes wonder what my preference really should be.

I’m so proud of you admitting that Macs are useful. I like my PC, but I like Macs too. There are still too many things that I do that absolutely require a PC.

Hmm, I just remembered we inherited a G4 at home from Krysta’s parents.

meh… to me, everyone is a computer user. I put my differences aside years ago. I pretty much go with PCs so I can build my own, perfom upgrades, use the software I bought decades ago, etc.

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