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Sunday afternoon, before we ever went to Gameworks, I met Nick and Steve at the Rec Center to excersize. When I pulled in, Steve walks up to the window and says “What the fuck is wrong with your car?” I had no idea what he was talking about, but apparently there was a plastic guard on the underside of the front end, passenger side, that had fallen down. I suspect it happened when Heather and I were putting up signs for the garage sale, because shortly after that, we started to notice an unhealty grinding noise whenever I turned extra sharp corners. I kept checking the wheel wells, thinking maybe a piece of dirt or trash got stuck in there, but I never saw anything, and it only happened once in a while.

So yesterday I called to see if it would be covered by my warranty, but they say they won’t know until they look at it. So I have to drive down to Lewisville today to have them look at it and tell me if they’re going to charge me for the repair and find out if they have the part in stock. So even after I drive down there, they may still not actually repair it. I need to remember to take my checkbook just in case.

Then, after I’m done with that, I have to try to get back up to Denton to get to the Rec Center and work out with Steve and Nick.

So every few days I realize more and more that has been lost on my portable Hard Drive. I feel like it’s going to continue for the next few years like this. Now I need to remake my Tiefling for Steve’s game.

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