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I just realized I never submitted the entry I wrote up yesterday afternoon. Whoops.

Heather and I went and bought Paint for the computer room (also known as “my room”) yesterday. I’d picked out the colors a couple weeks ago and Lowes had a really good rebate deal yesterday, so we went and took advantage of it. Of course, with the $10 rebate on every Gallon of American Tradition paints, we ended up buying one Gallon of American tradition, one Quart of American Tradition and one Gallon of Olympic. Not really that much saved in the long run. We bought the one gallon of Olympic because I had picked Olympic colors in the first place and when we went to match the Olympic paint samples to the American Tradition paints, it just didn’t exist. It was the perfect color and it didn’t match anything in American Tradition so we settled on paying full price for that can of paint, while the other two did actually have matches in American Tradition. We should have bought a gallon of the color we bought in the quart because after the rebate, it was nearly the same price.

Now these are very rough estimates of the colors since I don’t have the paint samples with me and I’m picking them from web colors, but this is a good idea of what the room colors will be. The molding along the floor is going to be very tall, maybe 8-10″ even, I haven’t decided yet. I’ll probably buy plain wood and then use a router to round the edges rather than buying actual trim because it’s crazy expensive. One wall will actually not be painted, instead it will have these large japanese style doors on it with a kind of yellowed ivory color fabric where the rice paper would normally be, as well as curtains of the same fabric on either side of them.

Heather did mention yesterday that if we replace the trim before redoing the floor, there may be a gap between the trim and the wood when we go to pull up the carpet, so I may just go ahead and pull up the carpet for now and not necesarily finish the floor, maybe just throw down a rug until we have the time and energy to acually refinish another floor. It’s going to be a big project and, unlike most of the other room projects, this one’s primarilly all me, though I’m going to get Heather to help as much as possible. She already helped me buy the paint, now I just need her to help me move furniture, pull up carpet, paint walls and like that. I’m even thinking of removing the trim between the room and the closet to give it a smoother shift from the bold green to the pale green. Maybe I’ll pull that off sometime this week.

Oh, and in the middle of all this, I get to start excersizing, plan the next session of Spycraft (without my notes which were on the portable hard drive), and keep up with all my regular daily/weekly activities. Sheesh.

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I didn’t know you still needed it, hell that may be a reason to pull it up early right there. How do you feel about coming over early on Friday to move some furniture?

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