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So I’ve started working on some Starcraft maps recently and am now really looking forward to playing them. I just need to get together with zero_interrupt, blu3warri0r, and corwin75 and schedule some time. I guess if there are any Starcrafters out there amongst you, feel free to contact me about a game. I’m pretty much free to do whatever I want after 5:30 CST. ReplayTV means I don’t have to watch TV, so I’m not bound by their scheduling any more, god my child is going to be spoiled.

Anyway. A long time ago, Julian made this map, Alamo. It was awesome, he made a simple map but it didn’t work, the AI and triggers didn’t work correctly and the mexicans never attacked, or didn’t attack forcefully enough. So I took the map home over the weekend, and started reading up on AIs and triggers and other scripts and got the thing working. It was the best “map settings” map we’d ever collectively made because it was almost a perfect 50% chance to win or lose. You never knew, when you started, if it was going to go your way, or the enemy’s way. When you won, it was a lot of work and a lot of luck. When you lost, it was devastating and horrific as hordes of zerg came flooding over the walls in waves so large you didn’t know what to do with yourself. After a few weeks or months of play, Julian decided it was too hard, or easy, or something. I don’t remember, but he took it home and tweaked it. When he brought it back, it sucked. The zerg didn’t do anything. He reprogramed all the scripts and triggers and they didn’t work right. Then he tried to fix it again, and broke it the other way and they worked too fast. He never got it right, and when I went to try to fix it, the magic was gone, I couldn’t do anything to make it work again. Unfortunately, we’d all replaced our orignal copies with the new improved copy. Alamo was gone forever and all we could do, was think back and remember the Alamo (ironic, actually).

So I started trying to recreate the feel of Alamo while not duplicating it. I’ve created two maps that take a slightly different approach to the historic battle. They both look to have some great potential, but I haven’t had a chance to play them yet. I’m really looking forward to trying them out though. They’re both four player maps, but could probably be played with three. unfortunately, that’s just not enough. Hmm, a new idea for a new map is brewing, or at least a new trigger and script. Now I just need to design a map around it. Maybe I will make a campaign someday, even if it’s just a few maps.

Shit, I don’t have anything really interesting to say. I’ll stop wasting your time.

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June 29, 2004

Damn, I haven’t played SC in so long. Perhaps I should start again.

June 29, 2004

yeah, that’s kind of my impetus to start playing again too, I loved it so much. It’s really the only RTS I’ve ever enjoyed.

June 29, 2004

It’s the only RTS I’ve ever even played. I was allright at it, but not one of the “power players.” I had a lot of online friends to play with, but usually got my ass kicked. I made a map once involving the members of the little online clique I was a part of as the heroes of the game, but other than that it wasn’t that different from a normal map.

Ah, the good old days.

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